Vassar on Ice

I’m on my way
up to see
my brother at Vassar College
off in the middle of nowhere New York
what do I know?
I’m only in high school

Ch. 1

this is going to be cool
something different
to see what my brother is doing all the
way up here in this Vassar

we are
going to have fun
we always

Ch. 2

“Hey, Bro good to see you”

“So, this is the green y’know
this big grass area right
and uhh y’know people walk by
and y’know you can uhh
talk to them
or throw a frisbee
y’know it’s like the college green
every college has one I think”

“and these, these are the buildings
yes its all quite crazy this
architecture this maze
the library have you seen the library?
well of course you have to see
the library its a castle
it’s actually shaped like a castle
I’m not joking

you’ll have to see the library
but let’s go get something
to eat”

Ch. 3

“Hey, uh this is my brother
Mark yea Mark meet Dennis
Dennis is this really interesting
guy, well, he’ll tell you, heh”

“Oh, and here is Andrew.”


“How’s it going?”

“Cool man”



Ch. 4

“So yea, this is the uhh
IHouse the International House
this is where I live
there’s sesc and nick
and there’s another nick around
here somewhere
and fafs somewhere
he’ll be around later i’m sure
there’s a lot of different people
people from here people from there
we got one kid whose dad
is the president of coca cola in
puerto rico or something
and another whose father
is the general manager
of Italy something like that
you’ll see

you’ll see”


Ch. 5

“so the IHouse this is a very special
place here at Vassar we have Coed Bathrooms”

“Coed Bathrooms?”

“Yea, coed bathrooms. It’s
kind of

kind of disgusting

you know what I mean

but yea”

“Ok, that’s

“yea, man tonight we’re going to have
a good time”


Ch. 6

alright here it is
first night with my bro
at Vassar we’re waiting in line
to get into some place
this place this Mug
some sort of underground party
or something in the campus building
I don’t really know
what it is but I’m sure it will
be cool to experience

“Hey, hey man
yea this is my brother man
Mark yea yea he’s
visiting for the weekend”

“Oh, cool. My pleasure to meet you”
says this bald man

“Yea, Mark that guy he’s a senior
he’s really cool really good with the ladies
yea that bald guy yea you’ll see

you’ll see.”

Ch. 7

inside that basement room
with the music and the booze
now this is cool
and this is only the beginning

real girls
they’re not so bad looking
after all

Ch. 8

back in my brother’s room
in this IHouse and he takes
out from his minifridge
this libation this beer
this Samuel Adams
White Ale

and he pours it into a glass
slowly and the mist forms
the whiteness
in that bottle
that containment
and he says

“Look, you see that
this isn’t any ordinary beer
this is the Samuel Adams
White Ale!”

and I drink it
it’s only the beginning

Ch. 9

and then comes the hoegarden
and the leffe
many beers
to try to explore
together in that apartment

in the IHouse
surrounded by international
men and women
using the same bathroom
getting drunk and high
and listening to music
and debating their fancy
expensive classroom

and loving
every minute of

artistic meandering
cultural exchange
my eyes
are getting


Ch. 10

the beer is
kicking in
I can feel it

I can feel it

what did I know about
this sort of thing

I was just a junior
in high school maybe
120 125 lbs

my head spinning
I try
hold it together
this new feeling
I don’t think
I’d ever drank

Ch. 11

the dizziness this nauseau
y’know what this isn’t
a good feeling

I think I drank too much
and I’m stumbling and bumbling
through those IHouse corridors

and my brother
he’s starting to get the picture
uh oh what have
I done fix problem fix remedy
what do the
do in such situations

Ch. 12

and before
you know it
I’m being introduced
to the Coed Bathroom

by myself
dumped into
that tub
filled with cold water
and ice
being poured in by some guy

some big guy
some big fat guy
I don’t know this guy
but he’s saying

“this is what he needs
just put in this ice
in the water
and it will all be good again”


and my brother listening to
this guy
I think he’s drunk too
they’re all drunk

and I’m there in this
tub this ice bath



i can’t
to come back