Shroom Down Spinning

There we were
Jake and I
off on another great adventure
bus chauffering us off to
the great Hunter mountain
of New York

and all we had to do
was sit

sit and wait
and smile and talk
and watch movies
VHS tapes of the same
well I guess they had
DVDs by then

Ch. 1

yes, we were going skiing
snowboarding to be exact
in that Hunter mountain
we would go and explore
and weave in and out of trees
and fly off jumps and pretend
to be birds
or something

anyways, we were free
certainly of the drudgery of school
although it wasn’t so bad
just depends what classes
you’re in

but anyways
it didn’t matter then
we were off off to the mountains
to go skiing
I mean snowboarding
but you know what I mean

Ch. 2

and I had something special
something special with me
that Jake didn’t know about

yes, he
had his energy
and his pretzels
and peanut butter
or whatever it was

but I had something
really special
up my sleeve

Ch. 3

That bus ride waiting
nervously anxiously
excitedly to go snowboarding
down that mountain pass

to fly like birds
there we were just
the two of us

and the rest
of the bus

Ch. 4

and there it is
my special magic
jelly jumping beans
my green fantastic
spirally things

these rainbows contained
in pouches
these celestial magician
these golden hues
and purple majesties

there it was my special
little thing hidden in my

and I gobbled them
gobbled them in the
without anyone

to wait wait and see

an hour and a half
and I’d be free

Ch. 5

and there it was
the great Mountain
this Mount Vesuvius
just for us

and everyone else
running around
the slopes
the trees the towering
trees and those icicle
creating snow-blowing
artificial machines

and we went
we skiied
we skiied down through
the trees through the moguls
and skiied past everyone
we went so fast
so fast we did
because we were young

just dumb
college kids

Ch. 6

We skiied
the scenery flying by
the wind in our faces
the artificial snow
the mountain this escape
from classroom drudgery

clearly Jake’s energy
bars were kicking in

clearly something
was getting
him going

for he could keep up
with me

Ch. 7

180s and 360s
and tailspins and wheelies
and all sorts
of amateurish fantastical
whirling dervish
tricks being played
in the snowy air fluff
of ice and ground stone

there in that celestial
white winter
frozen water

Ch. 8

and then it happened
it kicked in
the magic the mystery
the suspense


kicking in!
kicking in!

kicking in my head!
it must have been

an hour and a half
now yes

here we go going
down the mountain
up the chair lift
those icycles hitting
my face that artificial
snow and that wind
why did I do it on such
a day

why didn’t I wait til the
spring with the warm
weather and birds chirping
what was I thinking

sitting there freezing in that
shroom mist
in that psychadelic blizzard
and Jake there eating
his peanut butter
and pretzels
his energy drinks
with absolutely no idea

this was my little secret

Ch. 9

These fucking icycles
striking my face
my eyes I can’t take it
how can he handle it?

O that’s right
look at him with his mask
covering his face
protecting him
this man from Boston
he knows about cold
weather I don’t
I’m just a poser

a stupid moron
taking shrooms going down
a mountain in the middle
of winter here in this
Hunter mountain
in upstate New York
what was I thinking?

this isn’t weed
this isn’t common sense
this isn’t even common

I don’t know what it is
but it must be

because here I am
going down the mountain
out of my mind

but feet firmly planted
somewhere on the earth
sliding beneath me

Ch. 10

and now its really kicking in
this is for real
this is no joke
what was I think

should I tell Jake?
I can’t tell Jake
he wouldn’t understand
he wouldn’t get it
he would think I was insane
he might tell the police
who knows
who knows what Jake would
think he’s too straight laced
he thinks getting drunk
is edgy

Ch. 11

the wind the wind
striking my face these damn icycles
trying to keep up Jake’s ahead of
me I’m behind
out of my mind
or in it
maybe in it

in too deep
the snow with rainbows
and purple dancing
the trees

I’m going going going
and then I fall
I think am I falling
I’m not sure what’s happening
am I still snowboarding
I look down it seems
I’m tumbling
turning whirling
or am I standing
I think I don’t know
but I’m going
fast fast