Precipice of Death

What a beautiful
amazing glorious
sunny day
it was

yes there in Tel Aviv

just as you imagine
there on the beach
Jerusalem beach
with the girls
so pretty

walking by
the sun baking
their bodies
in their slim bikinis

all that’s missing
is the palm trees

Ch. 1

I’m there with Adrian
my buddy from Peru
there in the land of Israel
ready to explore

this land of the Jews
our shared homeland
away from home
stuck in those classes
learning Hebrew

at least I felt
that way anyways

Ch. 2

but we had escaped
yes escaped just for
the day had taken that
bus all the way from
Jerusalem that mecca
that holiest of holy
with its golden crowned
mosques and Western
and ancient stones
and wisdom

there’s some of that
if you listen

Ch. 3

Yes, we had other matters
to attend to the food
the women the water
surf sun and sand
we were in the holy land

but Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv must have its
fair share its fare
it must give
and we must take

and so while our
fellow students studied
in the yeshivah of
of congregational
meaning and meander

we were off
to that splendor
of Jerusalem Beach
there in

Tel Aviv

Ch. 4

and the day was glorious
and we splashed and played
and I talked endlessly
to Adrian
my young Peruvian buddy
about things infinitely
meaningful or so I liked to believe

and he drank it in
and me

and we swam


Ch. 5

and slowly but surely
as often happens
the day was becoming night time
the sun was going down
but we didn’t want to head

not yet
not just yet

there was still truth to be
had in that beach
in that sand
in those waves we rode
with our bodies swimming
under the crests
like nothing

they had
in Jerusalem

Ch. 6

Yes this Jerusalem beach
riding one hand in front
of the next like a dolphin
it was glorious

I’ve ridden waves before
I’ve ridden in Peru
and Costa Rica
and Mexico
and my local beach in AC
but this was different

these waves were magical
each one perfect
perfectly chaotic

the waters rushing
lifting up
and taking you off
on those ventures
that jet streams
for thirty seconds
or so it seems
and then crashing
you down

to get up again
and do it

do it again

Ch. 7

and the night closing in
on us
yes the darkness
and we keep riding

and Adrian stays close
to shore because
he’s not the best swimmer

but I am an expert
and I catch the biggest waves

and again

and again

Ch. 8

and you can see the moonlight
shining on the water
and the rocks next to me
those sharp rocks
those rocks
jutting out
that promontory
that precipice
behind which lies
the deep ocean
behind which lies
the Mediterranean
behind which one dares
not go
behind that peninsula
nobody knows

Ch. 9

And the girls were gone
it was just us
the two of us
swimming on adrenaline
with the waves getting
bigger and bigger

doubling in size


Ch. 10

and it is night
and we’ve missed
that busride home
we would have to stay
stay a little while longer

how long could we take

and Adrian there on the
watching me as I swam
swam and swam
riding those waves

riding them

a man possessed

truly free

watch out rocks
here comes

Ch. 11

and the waves
get bigger
and the crashes stronger
and I brush up against
the rocks
feeling a bit concerned
but no matter
shake it off

there’s something



Ch. 12

and in that light
that pale light of
the moon on the water

riding those waves
the rocks

the waves
and the rocks

and the strength
of it all

and the strength of me

then I’m waiting
for that wave to take
me in

but it doesn’t come

and then a big one
and I ride it
but it crashes me
out past
where I’d like to be

and I can’t see Adrian
because I’m too far
out to sea

Ch. 13

and I can see those rocks
to the left of me
and I’m realizing
I’m about to go around them
yes indeed

if I don’t catch a wave
if I don’t ride it in
I will be swept off
swept off past that

past that peninsula
that precipice

into that ocean


this is no
longer fun

Ch. 14

and I swim
and I swim
but its no use its not
a matter of arms
and legs
its a matter of some
wave some savior
that will carry me in
because any moment
any moment
now I will be swept
away off
into that

Oceanic darkness
beyond the precipice
out into the mediterannean

and Adrian doesn’t even
know it

I can’t even
see him

Ch. 15

panic fright concern
I’ve swam swam in the Ocean
before in the Atlantic
in the Pacific
this is different

this is real
this is right now in this moment
this is my life

there is no life guard
there are no people
certainly no girls

Adrian who the hell knows

I can’t see anything
it’s so dark
just this moon light
and these crashing waves

and those rocks
slipping away!

Ch. 16

the wave
the wave
here it is this wave
I have to catch it
I must
if not I’m gone there’s
no doubt

I must catch the wave
and I do
it picks me up
I’m riding it and heading
straight for the rocks

uh oh
this isn’t good
what’s going to happen
will I hit them what’s going
to happen

those sharp pointy
rocks here in the