Paris With Love

chasing chasing after

here in Paris
city of love
city of architecture
of art of beauty
of history

and I didn’t speak
a word of French

neither did she

Ch. 1

baguettes baguettes
baguettes and more

crepes sweet crepes
delicious crepes
chocolate banana

and cheese salty
chicken and cheese
these crepes

crepes of dreams

Ch. 2

I met her in Baltimore
we were there
and my friend Andrew
and her friend Rachel

visiting that museum
and bookstore

on that trip
that van ride
who knew?

I would meet her

Ch. 3

“Do you want to come over
and watch a movie?”


Wow, this is exciting
a girl
a real girl coming over to watch
a movie with me

this same girl

going to the ho-down party
this Lauren girl
that went on
that same trip
to Baltimore

Lauren her name
pretty beautiful
brown hair

and her eyes
and that body

Ch. 3

19 this is it this is the moment
my 19th birthday
and here we are just me and her

ready to lose our virginity

me and this sweet
Lauren girl

can it really be?

Ch. 4

“I don’t think we should see
each other anymore”

“What do you mean?”

the next day the next day!
after losing our virginity
and it was good too

I didn’t understand
clear out of the blue

we’d been going out the
whole freshman year

and now this girl
this Lauren girl
telling me
the very next

no longer wanted
anything to do with

What could this mean?

Ch. 5

and I had already signed
up on that trip

to go with her to Paris
to study Art and Architecture
and Music

what did I know about such

What would I do?

Ch. 6

buildings classes
art more classes


somewhat interesting
but mostly boring

and there she is

sitting across from

across the room
with her pen in hand
notebook pad

loving every minute
of it

listening to the music
looking with intent
at the buildings
and sculptures
and endless art works

what did I know
about such things?

Ch. 7

The airplane
that flight
that 9 hour flight
or whatever it was

sitting there as luck would
have it

two Bees
next to each other

to share adjacent seats

having hadn’t spoken since
that day after

but now
holding hands
in that momentary embrace
lasting hours

high in the sky
once lovers
or at least kids

What is going on?
My head swimming
maybe this is a new

to that something
which once was

Ch. 8

I chase her chase her
through the streets

with mad hope
in my eyes

in my heart
I chase her chase
her through the streets
of Paris

and we go to the Eiffel tower
and we go to the Louvre
and we go to Dali and Picasso

or maybe that was just me

I don’t quite remember
it was all happening so quickly
on that six week adventure
through time
and space

or at least
so I think

Ch. 9

wine bread
baguette brioche
lox always lox
you have to have lox
and cheese

and wine
sitting in the park
the pigeons
feeding off the crumbs

who am I kidding
I was throwing it at them

giving it away

another day
in Paris


slowly surely
yes surely

getting away from
these classes

making our escape
entreating through gardens
and castles and Notre Dame
and Roseatte windows
and Rodin sculptures

and the Bastille
and crepes
always crepes

crepes the size of your
these huge monstrous

you can’t get
than this

Ch. 11

and then that night
walking in that
group but in my
it was just the two
of us

of course

it’s college

and I said it
I love her

was I drunk

Ch. 12

and those trains
those midnight trains
which stopped running
separating us

her going back
to her house mom
and me mine

separated always separated
by the need to get on
that last car
one of us back to Bastille
or to wherever
she may be

Ch. 13

I can’t believe it
it’s true

I thought
I mean
it would be possible

holding hands on that plane

I know
I know
what she said
but look how things have changed

and now running
giddily through the streets
of Paris
this truly is the city of Love
it must be

we run up
to the top of the building
beer in hand
we go up there in the
we go up there in that
French school building
where we sat taking those classes
we go up there

we go

Ch. 14

and there in that computer lab
looking up whatever who cares
with our cheese and bread
eating and feeling the moment

drinking those beers
bought for our convenience

feeling the effects
such a lightweight she was
and I guess so was I
at least in that moment
in time

and we start kissing
we start feeling ourselves
lightly touching
our hands going over each

keyboards monitors

who can think about such
things when love
or passion
or desire
or whatever it is
maybe hormones
who knows

is in the air

Ch. 15

and then I take off my pants
and she’s wearing that skirt

and it’s in
it’s happening
the moment is overcoming
us there in that computer
lab in that French school
building that Academy
in the middle of Paris

the city
of Love

and all of a sudden
going moaning
breathing heavy

well I don’t know about
moaning necessarily
but definitely heavy




and suddenly

the door