North Cali Desperado

there we were
Monterrey or whatever
small town-city whatever
it was in North California

on the coast
we park the van

this is going to be cool

Ch. 1

walking through this
town whatever
it is wherever it is
it’s definitely different
the cali coast lying right
in front of us
beautiful freezing cold
it doesn’t
matter summer winter
don’t be fooled
by those Beach Boys videos

Ch. 2

what to do
what to do
obvious answer shines through
a bar let’s go in relax unwind

we deserve it
yes me and my bro
there in North Cali
this roadtrip
getting away after a long
four years in college Me
and a long four years
plus 2 grad school thee

here in this get-away

this is what we were

fraternal brother hood
here in the Cali mountains
and trees and Oceans
and this




Ch. 3

and we’re in the bar
and getting our beers
trying bro explaining
the differences
the micros and macros
and lagers and ales
all the delicious libatious
carbonatious decisions
to be had
there in the bar
in this Northern Cali town

when in walks this man
this big burly man
six foot tall and then some
and he goes
and kicks the
top of the door
with his foot


and steps right in
up to my bro and me
and says “Hey Friends”

and my bro smiles
back and starts chatting
amiably and they become
best friends discussing this and
that utterly
meaningless bullshit

and its beautiful

Ch. 4

yes this big burly lumberjack
grizzly man
explains he saw Van Damne
do it once in a movie
this whole kicking the top of
the door thing

new to me


and then he’s off
flipping quarters from
his elbow
and catching
them and my broheem is
trying and the quarters
go flying under doorstops
and barchairs

and the guys
a little annoyed
there in that bar
that his quarter’s
now gone

but hey there’s beer
to drink so it can’t
be all that bad

Ch. 5

and he says to us
“Hey, do you guys want
some weed?”

and my bro looks at
me hesitatingly
but there’s no hesitation
in me

“Definitely” I say back
and he’s like OK great
well here’s what we’ll
do see you buy me a beer
it’s the least you can do
and then
we’ll go you and me
and your broheem
and we’ll go in my
car you see
and we’ll smoke
some beautiful


Sounds good to me

Ch. 6

And this woman walks
in with weather-worn
and sits besides
this big burly man

wrapping her arms
around him
and smiling
they’re flirting
it’s unclear
exactly what’s

but clearly they
know each other

and his
mood changes

a bit depressed
but hey

there’s beer

it can’t
be all bad

Ch. 7

and they’re talking
and we’re drinking
and I’m thinking about
that cali weed

“I wonder if its different
than the shit out East”

and it’s time to go
and we do and we’re
in his car
and I’m blowing
smoke in my brother’s

boxed in
like it or not

he’s starting
to get

a taste

Ch. 8

and we drive in that
car backseat
who knows where we’re
going but this guy
seems nice

this big huge guy
kicking doors and flipping
quarters and what have you
besides there’s a girl

so it can’t
be all bad

Ch. 9

and finally
we pull up to this
place this spot

and the woman’s
telling the guy
this big huge guy

“Here, this is our spot
this is where I want
us to get married
right here”

“Right here?”
the guy responds back
clearly not sure whether
the whole marital thing
makes much sense
in the first place
but anyways

“There’s a bathroom
here it’s not like when
we first met
we can’t have a wedding
here how would that work
with this bathroom here
now this little building
in the way
you can’t
see the cliff with this
building here
it just wouldn’t
there’s no way”

“But this is our spot”
she says
with long sad-filled

and he just shakes
his head

Ch. 10

out of the car
around the back
of that ill-placed
bathroom on the edge
of that cliff

here on the cali coast
my brother and

and yes


Ch. 11

and the girl
this woman this free
spirit goes
to the edge of the cliff
with some steps
in the sandy precipice

and she begins walking
over quickly like a fox
this vixen
and she asks whether
we want to come

and the big guy
this big bear of a man
says to me I wouldn’t
if I was you

“She’s crazy”

certainly it was a bit
steep maybe 2 300 feet
who knows exactly
I guess

but I was high anyways
and in the prime
of my life
so I say sure
and me and my bro
go and follow


Ch. 12

and I will say
I was a bit concerned
a bit scared
one small misstep
and it was all over
down that embankment
down that cliff-edge
to death on the rocks
of feet


and my bro

there on that cliff

Ch. 13

and so I go and I sit
on some stone chair
spot and watch as these
beautiful Pacific waves
crash against this rock

and in my high mind’s
the water is pouring over
the stone out there
and turning morphing
into different animal shapes
first a coyote then a bear
then a serpeant than an eagle

and I’m thinking

that’s pretty cool

Ch. 14

but the big burly guy isn’t
with us he’s way back
by the outhouse

and my brothers up ahead
and I can see her with this
girl this woman
and she’s dangling dangling over
the edge of this cliff
with her feet in the sand
sideways slanted positioned
in the sediment just barely
from going over
and he joins her

and I can’t believe
what the hell
is he thinking

Ch. 15

and we’re back
back at the bathroom shack
back in the car

and I whisper to my brother
“What the hell were you thinking”
“You could have died
what you were doing
so close so close to falling
you and that girl”

and he smiles and looks
back at me and says

“Oh that, don’t worry
about that.
The girl was beneath me
and I knew
if I fell
I would simply
knock her over
and she would fall
not me.”

Good to know