Eilat of Fun

We were on our way
Me Ben Chaya the other guy

yes the four of
us were going
to Eilat for the weekend

This was Israel
still is actually

thank God for that

Ch. 1

we had just finished up
getting the run down
from the Orthodox
who chauffered us around that great
circuit of American tourism

Tsfat Jerusalem not Haifa
that’s too far out of the

out of the question

but the usual spots
I think we even went to Netanya
so that deserves a mention

Ch. 2

no time for kibbutzes
we wouldn’t want to get into all that

y’know just the usual
a little Western Wall
a mystical candle shop

feeling good to be Jewish
because we were college-age-ish
jumping into dish water and calling it baptism


the usual

Ch. 3

but now we were free
free from that organized trip
of activity
quote unquote

free to do whatever we pleased
during this time extended

and so we were there in that bus
that six hour bus that hot sweaty bus
as the degrees kept climbing
100 102 103

but we were free

and excited

Ch. 4

we’d never been there
but we knew Eilat
was supposed
to be alot of fun

the sand the surf
the women

and of course
we were bringing one ourselves

we all wanted

who wouldn’t

Ch. 5

and there it was
we had arrived
with crocs on our feet

just in time

to revel in this new land
without rules
other than those we imposed
upon ourselves

like stay out as late as possible
do what you like

Ch. 6

and that night
after recooping from the banana boating
we went
and got ourselves
for the dining and dancing

we got that great big ole bottle
of vodka and orange juice
and plastic cups

and sat on some stoop
and talked
about stuff

and drank up

Ch. 7

pre-gaming as Americans call it
binge drinking
as others might too

whatever it was it was the thing to do
because I don’t think we were even
21 in fact
now that my memories clearer
I think we were still in high school

Ch. 8

and suddenly it all became
dark I can’t remember really
apparently we went into that night club
but I wasn’t

I wasn’t
there I was in blackness

still dancing though
so they told me
the next day

yes apparently I danced mighty

fine indeed
for someone neither there
in body

nor brain

Ch. 9

and I wake up the next morning
and its time for us
to leave
the weekend’s over

and Ben and Chaya
and the other guy they want to go back to Jerusalem
the Mecca

capital city
capital Idea

but I’m not feeling so


Ch. 10

great is to say the least
as I lay there in a pool of my own vomit
in that bedroom

and I can say surely
I was not ready to go
no that’s OK “You guys go on that 6 hour
I’d like to stay here a while and hide
and reside
and confide
in the sand and sun and surf some
I’m sure there’s 1 or 2 more girls to explore.”

fare thee well fellow travelers
fellow passengers on this blue shore