Costa Rican Conspiracy

And we were off on a great

Lauren and I my girlfriend
to head out into that great
whatever might be
volcanos beaches

who knows

Ch. 1

Sophmore Year Winter Break
ready to set sail
for this new country
this Costa Rica

which we had heard
so little about
except in the travel books
we bought

and in our imaginations

but surely it
would be amazing

something beyond
our wildest dreams

Ch. 2

San Jose the capital
arriving exciting
delighting in the warm breeze

the sun on our faces
racing around the city
looking for coffee beans
and meaning
and newness

and going to jazz clubs
and drinking brew

and walking around
not knowing
quite what
to do

or don’t
just yet

we had only
just arrived

Ch. 3

The rapids flowing
gowing forth
carrying us transport
to our next destination
that city

with those volcano peaks
that arenal
with the termites
and sand

and traversing
past lakes
and trees
and mountains

Ch. 4

off to Monteverde
to explore new lands
and eat ice cream
made by pacifists

and dream
new dreams never thought

to explore
and hold beatle bugs
in our hands

and walk through
cloudy forests
of imagined realness

Ch. 5

and that busride
the van
over the countryside

that crummy broken
down potholed

slow slow
but we’ll get there
after all

there’s no rush
those tall Norwegians
next to us

or were they from Canada?

Ch. 6

Tamarindo the sun the surf
smoking in that hotel
room sneaking
strokes at midnight

riding the waves
and watching the turtles
lay eggs under
the moon light

Ch. 7

Mazatlan hiking
through the wilderness
up past that waterfall
up up


going not knowing

but going
going there

getting lost
losing ourselves

not knowing
how to get back

but then seeing
the sign to civilization

making our way
trekking through
the roads
the pavement


Ch. 8

and jet-boating
to Jaco
and surfing
always surfing

body boarding
sand between our feet
just for the day

Ch. 9

to San Jose
the capital again
but not for long

again the rapids


to bump along
water splashing



Ch. 10

Puerto Viejo
that city on the sea

the Atlantic

the volcanic black
sandy foot-prints
and bicycles
and motorists

and locals begging
for change to buy
crack with

Ch. 11

and staying at that
hostel there across
from the friendly

eating breakfast
laughing enjoying


just maybe

sharing this moment

Lauren and I
here in the Costa Rican

Sophmore Year Winter

what could be better?

Ch. 12

and Cliff that tall
charismatic gentleman
with long grey hair

former salesman
former poolshark
former american

here in this costa rican

here telling sharing
speaking always speaking

and me listening
Lauren too

to this man
Cliff this tall charismatic
silver colloid water
making story telling
biblically inspired

with fire in his eyes

Ch. 13

and him telling
and me listening
because it was nice
to have someone
other than each other
speaking English

at the end of our
5 week journey
through the trees
and clouds and streams
and forests

Ch. 14

and the stories and facts
and conspiracies linking it all together

and deeply
if taken seriously

which I did

Ch. 15

The towers the buildings
the airplanes flying crashing
mad dashing
the government
the illuminati
the cars and gasoline
the radio signals in the
ever-present telephone wires
and stations
and poles

the listening ever listening
the brain-washing
the anti-semitism
that I wasn’t buying

but the rest seemed

at least worth
looking into

Ch. 16

smoking weed and sitting
around the campfire listening
to this tall charismatic Cliff

fitting it all together piece
by piece
and everyone else
there listening agreeing
chiming in
except that one guy
who thought
we were all insane

Ch. 17

and the cafes looking
up on the slow internet
about the Masons
and Skull and Bones

and Bush and Kerry
and all those

and building #9
what about building #9?

Ch. 18

and knowing something
was wrong
and the lines seeming
to inter-connect

and Cliff always Cliff
with his dog and his
bike with the mercedes
ornament on it
and Roger the happy
go lucky barrista

and it was just
so damn nice
outside in this Costa
Rican weather

lying on the beach
swimming amongst
the dead

and passing by the
buildings surrounded
by chain-link

for whatever reason

Ch. 19

and then the Superbowl
coming approaching
to watch on the big television screen
at the local restaurant which showed

and remembering that movie
The Sum of All Fear
and being concerned that the uniforms
showed a striking resemblance


the seahawks and the steelers
marine green and silver
and yellow and black

too much of a coincidence
must stay

can’t go back

Ch. 20

and then all of a sudden
sitting in that cafe
reading sending emails

would you believe
Lauren’s mother
hopping out of a cab
grabbing her daughter
throwing her in the back

and I’m chasing them
barefoot through
the streets of Puerto Viejo
yelling wait
wait for me

and going to the hotel
to get her bags
and there we met

how strange it all
seemed then

and it was

Ch. 21

and discussing casually
rationally the three
of us the implications
but Lauren leaving
with her mother

and there me staying
in Costa Rica

by myself

to watch the Superbowl
with Cliff

and see whether the
predictions of explosions
would be right

or if nothing would happen
after all

I would have to wait
and see

in that glorious weather
that sun that shining
brilliant blue water

and Cliff and Roger
and the dog and the bonfire

and everyone

thinking we were crazy
but us

because the fire was in
our eyes and our hearts

Ch. 22

game day watching
waiting wondering

locals mocking us
the town crazies

but this was serious
and Cliff’s voice

crying out for pity
separated from his family

living in this exile
and truly believing this reality

Ch. 23

Kick off game playing
watching waiting

anxious anxiety
and hope for relief
I hope the game does not
end in that way

I hope everything will be OK

I hope I don’t have to leave the city
and go with Cliff off into the forests
before the government clamps down on us!

Ch. 24

and there it was
the game finished
the broadcast over
nothing had happened

nothing at all

just another day


I’ll go home now