The Wisdom of the Kabbalah

The world is one thing – vital energy
and We all participate in He

can experience the world in many different
on many different

the Physical the Emotional the Mental the Spiritual

these are words

but what do they represent?


The Physical World

The World within which we walk, The World within which we Breathe
The World within which we talk, The World within which we Teache

The World around us that we do see
when we see with our eyes – visibly
This World we call materiality, externality, the skintimations of being
Do See, Feel, Touch, Taste
the smells the aromatics the Fragrance

I feel Pain
I feel Pleasure

I feel sunshine, clouds, rainbows and stormy weather
I feel the deep dark pools of blue and the cool hazy gray and purple hues
I feel the grass beneath my feet green and the honey sweet
pomegranate trees

The World of Physicality
do participate in
giving us direction and dimension to Be Perceptive to Be Aware
to Be careful of the Bees Buzzing the Snakes Humming
Humbly sliding towards Us and Us towards them
the Scorpion-men with scabbard-knives drawn
the Caravans carrying the Hot-Air Balloons Flying
the Trees reaching soaring towards the Sky
the Sneeze exhaulting the Beans sprouting
the Knights jousting
these things
do see feel hear taste touch smell in this World of the Physical

guiding us Navigation Polaris star-direction constellations
amalgamations constant-re-creations aggregations speculations
Spectacles Breathe-holds Shoulders and Head down to our Feet and Hands
Feel it is Real
Reality-Dimensionality Water Fire Air and Earthly
The Torah has its Covering
Even Angels wear their Garments
Mitzvot that which we do in the world of Visible and Beyond

Let’s Continue On


The Emotional World

I feel again – this time Different
I feel from within – subcutaneous I Feel I Hear I Sense I do See with Passion
Occasions and Acquaintances the Mis-Fortunate Chances
Prances Merry the Jester and Folly the Jolly the Sad-depths deep
deep down
the Greatest Heights upwards of Elation
new-feelings of Vibrancy Passion!

I sense the stirring in my breast when I wonder what will happen
in excitement and anticipation
then When I am Here I am I Stand Firm Strong Controlled
Out-of-Control Whirling Crashing Smashing Laughing
Acting Composing myself the Best I can Bleeding outward
and In
With-In Breathe Holding Mental Controlling Rolling Rolicking
Family and Friends Growing in my Eyes
Heart-size tries endless tries


The Mental World

Wonder Why
I try to find I try to understand I create Ideas I create concepts entities things
re-creating re-consecrating re-explaining re-lating re-naming
the Name
the Way I Try to Fit Self and Other together
I and Thou Who are Thee?
How can I be one with thee How can I be one with the world
How can I come to know You?
How can I utilize use use-ify the Who What Where When and Why?

Plants and Trees
Celestial Realms
Tomatos Potatos
Calculus Trust Must Would-Have But
Explained Trained Constrained Per-Chance Chains Per-Chance Wings
Over-Whelmed Under-Self Math Scientos Hand-Holds
Me You
Nation Rest Silence Stirrings and Warring
Mythology Hierarchy Anti-Nomian Commendation Commotion
all in the Stew Brew Mental Celestial Matrix-We

Our strivings
to connect higher levels of abstract suggested color-vision of the All
towards the sky-light of the Soul


The Spiritual World

Finally, beyond the realms of feeling physicality
of sensing emotional passionate heart-felt re-activity
the actualized conceptualized perplexualized mentality
do see a greater vision a higher loftier more sublime decision
to act from Within
for the sake of ourselves Men and Women
animals plants all living Life the Divine everything Inside

The Spirit that lies stillness restless Truthfullness
deep within our breasts yes it does suggest to us its own where
hi how why and Now
if we do sit stay listen with an Open Ear
the Torah written with ink-invisible guiding us towards
Manifesting the Kingdom of God in this World
Love and Charity
spoken whisper-words do we listen?

Stirrings Brewings Simmerings You-ings Me-ings
the tree top leaves blowing Wind-Ruach the Hot the etheral
Soul it Speaks to us Through Us Revelation Ready to be Beholden
if we are willing to Listen
we can Speak it out non-verbal intuition relinquishional
succeeding preceding craving thrusting surging upwards
outwards inwards around-words

boys girls smiling True joy True elation True Peace
Enigmatic Paradoxical un-Limited

towards the Beyond


Ein Sof

even the Spiritual even the suggested 4-dimensional
physical mental emotional the rest to tell behold old and newness
maddness rest
but that which is human-creation
beyond lies
the Whole Truth and Nothing But Nothing And Nothing at All
and Everything – the All

Ein Sof
without Limit Pure Energy Pure Matter What Does it Matter?
No place to grab hold No place to form the conceptual foot-hold
friction-lacking it is Overwhelming Seeing the Face Blinding
Re-minding instantly of that which we are Truly
Pure Being
Purposing Coursing Moving Forth Infinitely Vessel-Shattering

Just Be

The Collective We
The Indiscriminate Over-Above-Beyond Limit
the true Toraic the true Israel Hashem God Love Mystical
Be All End All and Beginning Creation Genesis
Exodus and Redemption

The Highest Rung on the Ladder No Matter
Not there falling off into the Void Myst Pit
How can you describe the in-describable
in-descript the Script captures it Not

No-thing Every Speak softly hear the ROOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR


The Torah

True Torah True Scripture written without Words the Word
the All direction through all Levels of the Soul and Body
World-Me Community We-Family Israel the Chosen People
can participate all can understand relate once falsity is over-come
once particularity is re-minded of the Great One

See the white letters
See the chains un-fetter un-re-strain FLY! Sky-Ones
Go forth get lost in mystic ecstatic be-wonderment
that’s what is meant Torah of Love Torah of Peace
one of Creation’s Being meant to Be
in Collective Community mending molding re-telling the Divine Story
in actuality actualizing words deeds hand-holding hugging
loving kissing

Stories Mythology re-minders inspirers
speaking of divine truth for the sake of new proof
Who will stand up Tall?

Who is a man of Righteousness Who knows the true Torah in their
hearts Who has wrestled with demons and believes in
Who will wear the Crown? Who will sit on the Thrown?

Sacred constant moment in-fusing us with rejuvenance
Sacred instant pushing pulling us towards spirals
Our Heads Covered with purposeful re-minders Soul turned Upwards



Sacred Bride Counter-part keeping us Alive
the Purity reminding re-collecting Washing Bathing in Living Water Streams
feminine and masculine joining
merging uniting over-coming duality
We are We
though distinct
yes We can see ourselves in each other the Child the King
the Father
the Mother Earth and Heaven all is together Cosmic Mixture

The air the Gentle Breeze the Womanly Ways the Softer Side of Life
the Pillow and the sheets the russtle and tusstle and Sleep
the clamorings
the pots and pans kitchen-ings the folding and un-folding
the Iron Hot the Saphhire Blue the Sands Golden the Stars Silver
the Menorah Candle-ambra Camera capture snaptures

Schechinah! Infuse our World
Women strong Resilience Inner Softness still little girls Essence
boys playful gentle developing character to stand Men-Tall

Bread and Challah candles kiddish-cups Wine over-flows
Whiteness New robes Sacred Time and Space
Cyclical Re-surgence Sacred Breast-Chest Bird-Wings Transcendent



Moses leader of Men face-turns towards bush-burn
Rams horns sounding cries Walls coming down
new Whys
Commandments from Inside following Purity Rituals
made a-new actions with purpose commitment to flexibility
no room for intransigence no slavery escape Egypt
but remember our true Homes time went we keep coming coming Coming!

Staff and Rod
Bread of Life Mana be our everything fill us with life
angel-wrestling we try colored-coats hand-holds wells of stone
water-brought forth
to quench the Camel’s thirst and our own
to see a new life-partnership
to taste the seeds dates figs
Wandering ever-more at times falling picking ourselves up
dusting off true Gold shines Eternal



Made in Gods image
We Divinity
We all Everything First Man Woman equality
complimentary apple-eat sweet juice dripping
knowledge to go slow not-forceful
this World can be again YES!
Let us remember the lush verdant leaves
the streams


Take back our names let us try again
Hope there must be the air we breathe
to move forward


Here Me I am Israel We are the Lord the World is One