Sufism – The Way of Love

Part IV.

We are so far
from home
Language is our
to guide us
like a train
through time
to get back to the source
of Life

let us not get tripped
up on words
the rail spikes


We can’t ignore
that which moves

The Sun
the Water


pulling us in directions
let it
it will no matter what


Absorbed in this life-time
of mine
its when I dream

in sleep-scape
that I am able to escape
to transcendent eternal

without all that time
and space

and just be

and its Great


This World
we live in

it is
its here
it surrounds us

you can’t escape
it no matter how many
castles are created
in the

so be in the world
and be wonderful
with wonder
at all that
can happen

when you let
light in


We cannot
help desiring our throats
to be quenched
by living waters

Muslim Jew Christian
Hindu together
let us join ourselves
we are all brothers
in the quest
for Truth


That we want to become
is as clear a sign
as ever
that the World wants
us to become


The light of lamps

not their craned

the water desires
the person who drinks

the hands which clap
and thunderous roars

these all come
when the One meets the Other

hand-land-its all a part
of the same band of Brother


To be Loved
and to Love

these are the same thing


When you cry
out in prayer

your prayer is answered

the prayer is the answer
drawing you near
with self-Love


The trees in the forest
the mushrooms
all things
together moving
living bursting into this
World we live in
above the earth

in skylight air

they are connected
with root systems
though we may
not dare

tunnel in
and envision where


The hand moves the pen
and the brain
the hand
through the arm

but its the inner wellspring
that causes
all motion to be heard


The fly buzzes
around and so it seems
so insignificant

but within it
the whole world
is teaming with Truth


The Child
picks up the Shell
and loves

knowing it is a part
of the same
World He is


Learn how to hear
the language
of the Universe

the only Book
you’ll ever need


The rocks and stones
commune with us
though we don’t know

but its because
we are all a part
of this same life-spot
in time

that there is communality
no matter whether
to be on different leveling


the child knows
no than the mother
in those moments
where the eye
catches a glimmer
of the Awesome
nature of Nature


Just witness the way
the trees dance
in the wind

and just imagine
just imagine
what it might
be like if human beings

could be so light
with their hands


the Wise Man
looked for medicine
it was to be found

in plants
in the ground
in special waters
or air

the world has its
cures for us

if we Dare let it in


We go so far
to find what we’re looking
for when
we are what is being
searched for by the World

desiring to find harmony
in us
as in all things

on this world turning


You my dear

are everything
without end

every corner
if this great magnificent

I Love every minute
even tragedy


In past Revelation
to Moses
and Adam
and Abraham

language gave
to particularization

but go beyond
this as Mystics
can to true

the Burning Bush
for that is what
its all worth


I am everything
I am the dust
and the sunlight
I am the combination
of all things
in this time-made-right
for the moment
before change


will take it away

I am Jelaluddin
that is my name


Each day
comes I look
at my wisdom as a pearl

but now the necklace
is broke
the pearls lay on the ground

I don’t know which
one is mine

I am not found


Don’t let others
sweep you up into
their work

when you are
meant to play
and eat
pomegranate seeds

and say
Hey Hey Hey

it’s all about the above
found within


Do you wish
to be the fire burning

or the mere
candle wax
remnant and wick?


I tried to plan
my life accordingly

but as time has shown
me things don’t
work as they seem
in advance

now behind
me those days

I strive
to go forward

in smile


Once the smoke-screen
is gone
and you get a whiff
of that


you will know
what is meant
by going with the time-that-went


Do not worry
about the masses of men
and things crowded around
in the streets

find Solace
in your own room
where you can
serve yourself
beautiful food


You who care so much about
worldly rule
good for you

I will keep
doing what I do


Those who know
can sit still
doing nothing
and experience all things
as wonderful-ment

harvests ever
delivering to their doorstep

because they don’t
run around like a chicken
without a head
trying to get what
isn’t meant for them


Not knowing
at first

of course
how could you

if you did
it wouldn’t be at first

just go

and Create



The dog may be lowly
on the ground

but he is your
best friend
loyal companion
guardian Lion


what a hound