Sufism – The Way of Love

Part VII

A True Person
Filled with Goodness
who searches for Love
not Money

is so hard to find

most precious of all


When you sleep
know that you are Protected
by the World

which rocks you
never betraying you
it feels tight
when you’re held close


Like Seaweed
we are lost at Sea

but let us be
in the Ocean
of Mother Love

and then
the salt will
not be brine

but hugs


Keep on going
onward through

don’t let the distance
get to you

do not be afraid
to fear
but do not be afraid


If the rulers of Men
were true Kings
they would lay
down their arms
their weapons

for more important


I do not desire
to be known

I do not seek
Fame or Fortune

to be One with the One
I Love


Will I ever make it
to where I want to go

or will I die
before that happens
here in the moonshine

under the archways
of highways
and movements
of other men
hustling and bustling

sometimes I just
don’t know

but still I go


The ruler
heard footsteps
above his head

and was told it
was camels
dancing on the rooftops

“How could this be?”
He inquired of them
but they responded

“Is it any more ridiculous
than a man thinking
he can find Love
through oppressing others?”

and so the Ruler
put down his scabbard
and throne

and went

to his true Home


Strike the drum
with your hand-palm
let the beat
into the world’s
air waves

and make waves
of beautiful Love music
to assuage the breasts
of even those most
ravaged and
savaged jests


Striving for material

you are lost

Striving to escape this
world in irreality

you are lost

but don’t worry
all is not


One Ruler
would give up his
whole kingdom
for the contentment
found in true peace

if he could only
get to the essence
of that almond
stuck between
his teeth


I don’t want
to seem respectable
that’s not my concern

those men can
have their own pity-party
of false virtue

I have Love to Learn


Forget those ambitions
to follow the ways
of men

those politicians
and scum

you are the son
of a King!

Don’t you see
your true regal nature
calling to you



I let myself
fly about the room

drinking Wine
on the road
to sacred Homes

welcomes me to
its doors


Let others
be proud of their
horse and carriage

you don’t need
all that baggage


Do not worry
what others want to have

Have what it is
truly need

Love and Friendship
kindness joy
contentment madness

whatever comes
in this great Ball
of Life-time


Find safety
in knowing
you are going according
to the dictates of
World-blown tune

not other Man


Every moment
in time gives
to you what you need
in that moment

but are you listening?


Don’t you see
you are a King
you are thee

let yourself be heralded
by your own mind

let yourself live
on a throne
in your own life

no longer be a slave
to them
on the outside


The rider goes
by and the dust
is kicked up

it swirls
and whirls
around you

don’t be transfixed by dust!

Go in the direction
of the horse

towards What


Every thing manifests
the eternal reality in itself

the stew is cooked from
a variety of ingredients

open up the pot
take the lid of

and breathe in
its waft


The Staff of Moses
thrown down
on the ground

became a serpent
with Truth as its

making the ground
with nervousness
of what
was to come


Do not listen to
that garbage blasting
all day long

don’t you know
there are beautiful


you must lose all of your

before you can truly
take off towards
your personal destiny


Your soul
will have to bear
the burden of thousands
of fingers pointed
in opposite directions

laughing hysterical

its part of the process
Chin Up
not enough
is enough
but more there is to come


Sometimes we
maybe blinded by our positions

this is unfortunate

given the situation
give back all will be forgiven


So long as
you are doing what
is true inward

no matter what
happens outward

there is no regret


While the goat
may be last to get
to the well and drink

on the way
home it will be the

so did it think


We all want
different things

but really
we want the Same Thing


If only we would
stop arguing
about meaning

we could
sit down at the table
of friendship

and eat real things


The one dries

the other makes them

seemingly at odds
they are a pair

doing opposite
of the same process


Like the Wise Old

the grapes
grow into maturation
and their juices
are sweet



The lion and the gazelle
used to be

with the World
in nature


now there is disrepair
bring back
the Wisdom
of Solomon!


Notice how all things
come and go

even the stars
hide behind the Sun-Sky
of Daytime

Night brings them back


You too should Wane
and ebb and flow

for there is time
for all tides
to come and go


Do not be jealous
of other’s happiness

the fish is not
envious of the Ocean’s

be happy
to be a part of
the swimming process


It is through contact
that there is life

the water
and the plant
together create fruit
lemon trees

man and woman

all things
the planets

in sacred harmony


Dance on the rooftops
of Man

to sing your Song
of Joy
to the Clouds




It’s easy
to say I’ve found the thing
but that’s
only because
you’ve stopped looking


Like your face
life too has its imperfections

a hair
a wrinkle in time
side burns
tossed curls

a nose

just relax
let it go


We live
in this very particular
reality of here and now

but too
we bask in the eternal
Nowhere of the Soul

such as our double-life
the limelight
of our stage

so be it
Live it

this is Life


Go forth faster
faster forward at greater
greater distances

like the star
which never

but gives off light
in bursts


Take care for your
as much as other
men care about
the world of externality


The greatest
is inward

through your own
you are a microcosm
of the World’s Wealth


We take on
these forms
these particularities

that’s what it means
to be human

Body and Spirit

You and Me

We are here together
participating in this



Bread is nothing
unless eaten

so to with Truth


From the inorganic
matter of stone and rock
through the unicellular
and multi-cellular
realities of organisms

to becoming us

it is a process
a circle
coming and going
different worlds
levels of consciousness

in this One World
this One Conscious Being
that is Life-Force



We must encounter
and overcome all things

in order to evolve
to transcend to find
and Connection

but don’t throw out
the Ocean
for our boats
need friction
to paddle beyond them


Good and Evil
Death and Life

it all comes from
the same Stem

Plant of Life

Nourish me
take me do with me
what you will
I will do all I can


The world with all its Things
they come to be
begin and end
take shape

and Me


This is Time-flowing by
I am happy
to be a part of it all

not side-line