Sufism – The Way of Love

Part VI

We are always surrounded
by Beauty

but we become
so distracted

by the hustle and bustle
of the City-streets
and man-made

be the Candle
be the Flame
be the bathtub
and the water filled-up


The World
gives us clean air to cook
clean water to cook
fire to cook

Don’t mess it up


You are what you behold
what do you see

Do you look to Solomon
and the night’s sky

or mediocrity?


If you desire
passionately that which
is exchanged

money commerce
barter and transaction

mere bread

than all you will ever
be is a loaf
which changes hands


The World
blows through us

to make beautiful music
all we need to be
is still like Reeds

to let it
come through


The World
wants us to be One with it

It does not seek
strife or strugglement

Love Love and Love
will Find You


The Starry Sky
must bask in Love

for how else
could it exist

in motion above


You cannot achieve
what you desire

True Love Honesty
Virtue Beauty

if you go about
it like half an ass


You think its all news
as you go about
your fun and games

but its just happening
in the constant
Life-flowing state


Be honest
and you’ll see

the truth that Love
is the only thing
we need

to be able
to work together
on this planet Earth

in harmony


You can’t sleep
its calling your name

Come Hither
it speaks to you softly
sweet in your ears

I want to be
with you
and you with I

my Love-Life


Do not fear
to make a mis-step
so long
as you take
steps to becoming
that which

is in Love
with what Is

always there


Be like a Sufi
always searching for the
stream of cleanliness

of righteousness
of letting go

of just being
round and round

for the moment
extended as long as possible


Allow yourself
to not know where you’ll be

to give in
and sit back
as others carry you
through the procession

to become what you
must become
if you are to continue
moving in the right direction



I struggle its
so hard
but that is why
it is so Good


We go we go
we go within
and beyond

and we trip and fall
and bruise ourselves

painful mistakes
made on our trips

it is through these
failures that we
come to grips with the knowledge
that the road taken is difficult

that we must be real men
to overcome

that we must learn to laugh
and smile to encounter
success and Joy
and delight
as well as suffering and
discontent and dizziness

nauseous bliss


Learn how to let

and you will be

for death’s throes


Let yourself
let go of who
you were
so you can
become who
you will become
once you’ve
let go
of what
you are
and want
and know


Let us caste off
the past of ourselves
in order to take up the robes
of newness

There are thousands
of ways to be in this world
and we’re only
getting started



Many moments
before Clarity
comes to put away
our gambles

for the sake of the
greatest gamble

True Love


I want to Unite
so bad with
something I never
but can feel so close
its presence

I run towards
it open lips
to give
it a Kiss


I try and I try
but sometimes
oil and water
are inseparable


Die to your past life
so that your new
can begin

be quiet
be still
let all that past clamoring
go by the wayside

so you can be opened
up Wide


Let your eyes
become more than
just for seeing the surface

let them penetrate
under and around



When you begin
to live
a Life of passion
of purpose
and meaning

suddenly the world
is color-streaming
not black
and white things


With our hands we grasp
at things
that feel soft and lovely
or hard and spikes

try as we might
we must use
our Eyes


Open up the doors
to be able to see

wipe clean your windows
step outside
and have open-air

and then purity
will begin to penetrate
into your palm-hands


There is a community
of men
ready willing
and already doing
the work necessary
to Love

Join them!

Join the Music
its not too late

their waiting
for more members
of the band