Sufism – The Way of Love

Part V

Do not worry
about whether or not
these words are set down in stone

don’t worry about recordings
don’t worry about
lost songs
or broken instruments

Where we are going
there is only spirit


We are Music

Our bodies
are our greatest instruments

let us produce
notes which sound beautiful
which rhyme
and hum
and harmonize
with balance and melode


We are instruments
for the divine being to come through
and play its tune
on our chords

Let us be empty
Let us be worthy
of his delicate fingering


In this world
where everyone
is so quick to sell
you things

to fill up your time
with unending

its best to try
your best
to remain



Let us be light
like snow

Let us not trudge

Let us just
and fall
where we may
as the light
shines through
our crystalline patterns


How wondrous
is it

that the world
may be blanketed
by sky
and earth and sea
and stars

and moon-beams
and crescents
and galaxies beyond


Through suppleness
and light

we allow
for space in this

to make new
things grow
and Become

in this ever-process
of One


Let us toil
in our fields
for that which
has yet to happen

and someday
we will bask
in the splendor

of Garden


After years
and years of struggle
to overcome fear hope and desire
I created a mountain
and now
that mountain looks
like nothing other
than a tiny
tiny piece of straw


When the fog is stripped
When the stomach
is able to ruminate
When you aren’t
being filled and filled
and filled to the gills


you can run Fast


With my Friend
I drink
again and again
til the cup is empty
and then we
refill it
so that it can
be empty once again


I asked the Wise
Man for advise

and he said
less questions


The Sky has been opened
up so we can see the Sun-shine

Let me too be opened

let the pistachio nut
split apart

I’m feeling Crazy


Days go by
people have their schedules
let them
another day
around the corner

I’m stuck transfixed
in celestial-tune glued


At last
I’ve learned to relax

and be Free

so that it can
happen through me


In the search
for happiness
with World
understanding and knowledge

to be a better I
this I sometimes
needs to be put aside


I seek to quench
my thirst from your stream

because right
now I’m running on

and steam


I am so fragile
You are so strong
my past-self unfolds

in Clash
forward motion-fast

stories untold


Let yourself be broken
while still living

don’t wait for death
to do its bidding


Go to the Beach
and put away sharp things

sit on the ground
let the sand
be your blanket-warming


Prefer sweet sweet
flowing water
to stale sour
yogurt culture


Be like water
unafraid to be evaporated
into the sky-mist
to be consolidated
in the rushing-tides

the Ocean calls your
Merge with it


You and I
what difference
do we make
unless we
choose to make
all the difference

and blur
coming together
in ecstasy and Union
and merriment


Let us pretend
the words you and
me never meant

Let us pretend
they didn’t even exist
for a moment

not even the concept

Let us pretend
and perhaps
we can feel as if
just for a moment


You are intransigent
in your desire to be
you not I

and so we can
never be together


He who goes
through life always
saying No

may have already
said No to Yes


Caught up in the One
you miss out on everything

you miss
out on every One
to be seen


Live like a poet
knowing through ambiguity
only signs
and meanings
and feelings

and deep


When the World
says Take Me I’m Yours

That is your chance
don’t give it up for the
sake of castle’s
created in the Sky

This is the real
not some Song and Dance


You must become
one with your own soul

and so

you must put away
all mortal forms
and material toil

you cannot not
let go
any longer
its taking you down

away from your Home


Those who run on stomach
and sex-drive

won’t know what you’re
talking about

because they can’t
see for themselves

they go to a different

save your breathe
for someone
who desires to truly


Without Love
we scurry around

causing havoc
seeking to take from others
things that don’t really
matter anyway

Do you see the power of Love


Love is everywhere to be had
but unfortunately
don’t seem to see its
resounding sound

We’ve blocked off our ears
with cotton balls


The food we eat
does it give
us vital energy

or merely heart


When we are dead
we will be put in boxes
buried underground in cold
dark damp places

let our Homes be places
of warmth and happiness

while we have the chance!


The Cow
is replenished by the sweet grass
every day

fear not
for tomorrow there will be
more for you to munch on


How long will you keep
thinking about money

can’t you see
you’re already an Old Man
and you have plenty

youth’s gone past
don’t let the rest
of your days
be spent agonizing
over something
which is mere


Stroll through
the orchards
where sweet fruit grow

avoid the traps
and snares
of men seeking
to prove their worth
at the expense
of dragons
and dinosaurs


The World Acts
through us

and when we corrupt
it has
acted down


The Good Man
gives back most of what he
has received

knowing the fields
of good-will
will often
be replenished


Unite with the World
as intended
body and soul

and become impregnated
with awe
let it fill your belly
with Spirit

from what you saw


Keep refilling
my cup of whine

for I am not finished
giving my song
to the night’s sky


Don’t muffle
what must be drummed

if the ear
is to hear

that newfound-sound


Now that we are near
it is so clear
to me

that what I thought I wanted
I don’t any longer

put away those magic

let me look
a bid longer


Our eyes
will find their moisture
in dewy awesomeness

Our ears
will find what they desire
to hear when subtlety
is felt whispering close

Let us stand outside
like the date tree
with our fronds in the air

while those who
squibble and squirm
go underground
to their own lairs


When it rains
some are quick to rush into their little
and villages

others bask like the Swan
who knows
that he is made of water


Before you were
shy but
now that you’re
starting to fly

don’t be afraid
to spread your Wings


What comes forth
from me
was never mine

What do I care
other than
to let the Stream
of Life
carry it back in


As it flows
through your being
and you feel the sensations
seeing the words
the pictures painted

don’t claim ownership
just let it
come out

in oozes and pustules
of wonderful splatter


We’ve been through this

I listen
and you channel through

outward stream
I love it



Take one foot
and step
propelling yourself

off the ground
of World

into the sky
of World

illuminate your Mind
with ten thousand
different avenues
and lampposts