The Sermon on the Mount

Blessed are the kind, the gentle
the peacemakers, the men and women of righteousness
those who act for the sake of goodness
those who seek not profit but love

Blessed are those who have pure hearts
whose eyes are guided by star-light and wonder
not greed, lust and plunder

Blessed are those who work together
while they may not always be free of worry and concern
they have nothing to fear for they are doing
the work of the Lord

To honor and respect one’s neighbor as himself
to look after all children, to not harbor hatred or anger
to make amends, to forgive, to abstain from harm

To thee the Kingdom of Heaven Belongs

All prophets have been persecuted in their time
the road is difficult many men let their flaws
get the best of them


Do what is right Despite!

Know that you are a Son of God, a Daughter
We Together are All Brothers and Sisters
Child and Parent

Be a Light unto the World
Shine so that all can see the meaning
of Goodness

We Know the Law
The Law is in our Hearts
Inscribed in our bodies, minds and souls
Heaven awaits us here on Earth
if we will only follow its soft words

Do not get caught up in petty squabbles
particulars and externalities
Do not perpetuate the cycle of hate
re-claim your Namesake
to be True Jews
to be Good Men
Chosen for a reason
Chosen to follow the way of peace
not war
to follow the way of kindness
not hatred
to be a Light unto the Nations

Go Forth and Prosper!
but not at other’s expense

Your hand is connected to your
do not even think of committing
and you will not do it
do not harbor hatred, but love
think of the Lord above
think of your Child
think of your Wife
think of your Brothers
and Sisters
and seek to treat everyone
the same as you would
like to be treated Yourself

Find your Inner Wealth
your Inner Strength
your True Spirit!

Make peace with those
whom you’ve offended
and whom have offended you
Do not live in a world
of never-ending ill-will
right the wrongs
towards the Heart’s Song

The past is the past
Let what has happened pass
Move forward
with Grace and Dignity
towards a place
of Better-Me

We are all in this together
Global Planetary Community
of Fraternity
actualizing our potential
for the sake of growth
not devastation
to bring the Kingdom of God
down to Earth

It is for Us!
We are the Messiah!
We are to do God’s work
with our own hands

Only we can Save Ourselves
The World has been given
to man not for the sake
of corporate schemes
and greed money-lending
and false-needs


The World was Created
for the Sake of being a Garden
for us to enjoy sweet fruit
to be One with all Creation
the Animals the Plants
the Fish and Birds

Go Forth
and Live what you Have Heard