Man in Search of the Divine

Man too needs his partner
words spoken into a vacuum resound-backwards echo BOOM
what is it
if its not living-proof?


Ch. 1 – Purpose

What do we stand for?
We are Creative
but what are we Creating?
Let us ask these questions

To whom do we give our life-energy?
Who is important in our lives and why?

When we cry
What do we feel is missing in our lives?

We entrust ourselves to names, things, imagery, mythology
narrative history tv advertising and Society

Where is the inner voice?
Where is the outer Mother
When will we embrace each-other as if Love really means something?

We have
shed ourselves of tradition
embracing new scientific visions of consolation comfort
and supposed Truth
how do you feel at the end of the day?

Are you happy with the way things are going in the world?
In your own life?
Are you happy healthy and wise?

It is time for us to re-mind to re-member what the Divine is

Tell me

What is the Divine?

OK, I’ll begin:


Ch. 2 – The Divine

The Divine is nothing unless it is everything.
There is no such thing
as pen-ultimate holiness
There is no such thing
as a Goodness less than Greatness

The Divine
is that which pulses through the world
in inter-mittent moments
we listen or put out of our consciousness
the guiding voice
our heart-strings
singing speaking softly loudly re-soundingly telling us
to do His work
with our own Hands
we are the Sons the daughters of Angels

When will we reclaim our Godly throne?

To love God means to Love all of Creation
to be Pure is a serious consideration
to be Worthy is not to be tossed-around flippantly
space to do properly

Are you ready to listen?
Are you ready to Begin?


Ch. 3 – Tree-Me

feel drought misery falsity self-ishness desirings
because we are detached from the Roots of Living Truth
waters are not seeping into our mind-streams
our tree-leaves are not blowing Ruach-wind
but fall to the ground

We have lost the meaning of Prayer
our words do not re-Sound
they fall too
we do


The orchard once so magnificent and beautiful
Pomegranate-lush plum-plush
now decadent void and rottenness
machinations of the mind
Cohaneem Levites
supposedly supposed to keep the Temples clean of the World
caught up in money-making acquisitions
playing robbers and bandits
cowboys and Indians

The ebb still flows the Moon Illuminates us all
but we’re too concerned about cash-withdrawals
about 0s and 1s
about Mutual Funds
We take stock in the wrong things
and so it is not God who has abandoned us
but us who have abandoned He


Ch. 4 – Prayer

Let us remind ourselves of what it means to be Free
of what it means to be Chosen
Chosen for what?
And by whom?

Every-day there is a Choice a struggle between good and evil
between Honey and Prescription Pills
between Children and Men-with-Briefcases
between Honesty and Rat-Races
between Truth and Spin
between Re-Proof and Car-Wash
between Sacchrine Sweet and Envy and Greed
will we grope around endlessly speaking false-words
rhetoric ideology or will we
seek to live in a True Garden of Eden Paradaisically
because it doesn’t happen
on its own

The Garden needs living hands to Grow


Ch. 5 – Kavannah

What is our intention in every action
do we allow this or that to happen looking ostrich-sideways
do we actually care? Do we remember how to care?

Do we see ourselves as saints and priests
are we so downtrodden
we’ve sold ourselves to the lowest bidder?

Do we act solely within our own little micro-sphere
or do we turn towards the Global Planetary Universal
Reality which we are blessed to be a part of
this Infinity in our activity
do we
how do we
in this daily basis of our lives?

What are your intentions tonight?
Where will you go?
Where have you been?
Are you learning anything?
Do you have the right teachers
are you guided from within or external supposition
have you been placed on the bottom of the hierarchical
or are you given reign to flow down rivers
Joseph-colored rapids?


Ch. 6 – Companionship

Whom do we seek as our bed-partners?
We desire to live lives which are meaningful purposeful
with patience practice virtue Discipline

How do you spend your time?
How do you spend your breath-space?
What do you hold dear to your breast-plate
chest or jest
what do you


Are you crying or delirious do you have a vision
or de-lusion did you implant that notion
in your mental-garden or are you the passive recipient
of societal profussion?


Ch. 7 – Containers

We do not need new churches
We do not need new temples new religions new prayer books
new intuitions new Gods new Saviors new Messiahs
We do not need new technologies
digitry or spiritually

what we need
are reminders of who we Are what we are Where we are
Why we are What we want to be
I am What I am I am What I am Becoming
What am I Becoming?

You tell me

We are searching for ourselves
the Divine is within us
We are the containers We are the Sacred vessels
We are the beholders-of-light

if only if only if only
we would take ourselves seriously
and stop playing the jester the folly
our time is valuable our life-breath is not meant
to be wasted on what other people consider important
in the merry-go round of commotion over-coming
common sense
capitalism overcoming human life
aggravation inflammation irritation
causing unnecessary human strife

Where is the struggle
we play dead
if we do not remember that we are Alive
Death will answer our request


Ch. 8 – Language

Our Words are symbols representing internal motions
what do we speak
what do we take seriously what are we trying to convey
what questions are we asking
of whom
and why?

Let our actions be our true words
let our thoughts minds spirits be in unison not dis-enfranchised
not de-fragmented not-prismatically exploited

There is a Why inside Growling at Us
causing Stomach Acid build-up we belch gasses of dis-content
forgotten the content of our own souls

This Humanity where is our Humanity?

Speak sweet music no more aggression
cacaphony ears-ringing mind-numbing over-whelming BLAH


Our minds are temples castles Holiness resides within
Find the broom and dust-bin
our lives are at stake
and my soul is burning


Ch. 9 – Truth-Tables

We seek the Divine the Divine is Us
when we are Being what we are Meant to Be
Pure Being
Sons and Daughters of God
bringing the Kingdom of God to this Earth
in the form of Loving Kindness Mutual Understanding
acting with Respect
for one-self for all Life

No longer perpetuating a World of Misery and Strife


Let us turn the tables
find the Divine
within our Soul