To Be Or Not To Be by William Shakespeare

To be
or not to be
is this the question?
Is it nobler in the
mind to suffer
or to sling oneself
like an arrow
into the sea
of outrage
and fortune
to take up arms
against trouble
and seize it
to oppose it
and end it.

To die
to sleep
whenever wherever
the heart desires
this heart which
this consummation
with life
to dream
as no man has
dreamed before.

In that dream
of death
where we shuffle
off this mortal
giving us pause
there lies respect
for the man
who stands in
the face of time
and takes its
it’s wrongs
upon himself
with pride
and the pangs
of despised

The insolence
and resistance
of office and law
the spurns and spurs
wrenched upon
the patience
of man.

Dread not that
which comes after
death this
virgin country
which awaits us all
we will soon
pass through
but we will
be unable
to return.

Fear not
act bold
jump into the currents
of life with
strong resolution
and permanent
for we all must
be not
when it is said
and through.