The Upas Tree by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Deep in the desert
is that which causes
the greatest of losses

The Upas Tree
it’s oozing salve
no salvation
below the skin blood-flowing
til your fate is set and sealed

The King wields worrisome
instead of wisdom
looking to obtain the hail-rain
to claim his neighboring kin
as part of his dominion

Seeking out the tree
flies like a bird
to sting like a spiked leaf
creeping crawling
shopping at the mall
and then its in his hands

Poison droplets
to turn peace
into a violent dance
I guess that’s what happens
when the mirage is replaced
by a consumable toxin cutting straight to the chase

River of sweat wiped away
carried tedium he’s only just begun
merchant of death ready to have some fun