She by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Your confused having second thoughts
at a loss the car has stopped
open-up to me who do you want next to you
when you

I’m not sure I know your father wants
me to be
with his daughter clearly the arrangement
makes it necessarily that I apply the proper

But I feel a bit removed a bit aloof
as you say a bit well confused
because I don’t mean to be rude
but there’s no use in trying
to be somebody that’s a lie embodied
your father for all he may be
at the end of the day
isn’t me
and I’m the one being pawn-positioned
for this pre-ordained wedding

no yes hear me out
don’t raise your voice to me no need to shout
i’m just trying to communicate
well perhaps you better relate to my father your can-wait
because I have had all I can stomach for my-sake

I don’t know about the bone-marrowing
skull-hammering I might acquaint with
but true-enough your pops will get the message
delivered whether through strength of present-self
or over-time whithered