O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

O Captain! Our fearful trip is done
the ship has been bruised and battered
by this awful monstrous weather
but we have won the prize we did
and now the port is near
the bells I hear
the people excited
exhaulting our return
from the sea.

The keel steady, the grim and daring
vessel will return to land
for my heart’s sake.
My heart!
these bleeding red drops of blood
which fall on the deck
for the sake of my Captain
O Captain! My Captain!
Fallen, slain
by the winds of past discontent
out here on the raging
unending unenduring
tormenting sea.

O Captain! Rise up and hear
your bells for they toll for you.
Rise up and see the flag flung
from the bugle hills
and the trills and thrills
of the trumpet and trombones
and the bouquets and ribbons
thrown from the shore’s crowds.
For they call for you, that swaying
mass of men, with bright
eager faces.
Hear Captain!
Our dear father
most courageous
with arm beneath head
dreams lying dead
cold and fallen on this
mighty ship’s deck.

But my captain! You do not
answer, lips pail and still
My father, arm does not feel
no pulse nor will
The ship anchored safely
sound its voyage won
and done
the fearful trip over
victory won
but at what a price.
Sing your praises
shores! Let the bells
But I will mourn the death
of my dear friend
my captain.