Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

The first moments of green
are not green yet
but golden
these golden leaves
and virgin trees
which beckon to me
to us all
to come and play
and be resplendent
in their shade.

There hue is hard to construe
in words it is of
rainbows and falling due
celestial beings
contained within these leaves
and trees
and tiny creatures
scurrying through
the jungle’s canopy.

You must run and seek
to catch this moment
this hour where the light
is brightest before
the darkness of eternity
sets in
before inevitability moves
in in its clouds
of darkness shrouding
enclosing over the
world as can
only occur
in impermanence.

The leaf subsiding
Eden sinking
into grief
the dawn going down
for the day
because as we all know
nothing gold
can stay.