Bowery Blues by Jack Kerouac

you sicken me
look at you
just look at you
I don’t know
why exactly
but just look at you

But where do I turn
when I run away
from the conditioned
the limited
the finite
which direction
will take me to the
the infinite
the transcendent

I want to go into the Void
for no Church can hold me
no guru can contain
no words of wisdom
no stone thrown
from any bridge
no shopping malls
or boardwalk halls.

I hear saxophone
jazz yea
just like old times
the way those bombs
lives shattered
minds opened up
to new forms.

I see the shadows
that dance in the night
and the love of
holding girls
and dancing
and romance
and nothingness.

What’s left?
Say your goodbye’s
in advance
the girls are transient
just like the men
better to think
about the end
that buzzing in your
head of heaven
and divine

Better done
than thoughts