Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

Many a year ago
in the kingdom of the sea
there lived that fair maiden
you know of whom
I’m speaking
yes, Annabel Lee
that fair maid who
lived with no other thought
than to love and be
loved by me.

We were children
in this kingdom by the sea
but we loved each
with a love stronger
than love itself
me and my
Annabel Lee
with the love of winged
which protected us
from this harsh
cruel world.

In this kingdom
by the sea
the wind
blew out of that cloud
my beautiful Annabel Lee
her angelic friends
taking her away
from me
to shut her up
in their sepulchre
this kingdom by
the sea.

The angles were envious
of her and our love
because they weren’t
half as happy
up above
on their celestial clouds
that’s why as all men
know they came
to take away my lover
that wind from the cloud
chilling and killing
my Annabel Lee.

But as I’ve said
our love is much stronger
than those seraphic
could ever imagine
and still I love
her that beautiful
my soul’s other
half the beautiful

No, you foul demons
under the water’s raging
torrents you will
never end
my undying love
for this dismemberment
I shall always remember
in my heart her.

For the moonlight
over the waves
reminds me of her
beautiful Annabel
I lay by its side
forever my bride
this sepulchre
this tomb of the