A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

Take this kiss
upon your brow
and with it our
parting vow
let me say to you
I will avow
that you are wrong
who pretend
that this is all but
a dream
a dream in my head.

My hopes will not fly
away in the night
in the day
like a vision
of nothingness
I will not agree
I will not ascent
that all that is meant
by this world
of mortal toil
is nothing more
than a dream
within a dream.

I will stand within
this roaring lands
this tormented-shore
and in my hand
hold the golden
grains of sand.
They may be few
but how they creep through
my fingers deep
while I weap.
O God!
Can’t I not grasp
them just a bit tighter!
Can’t I save them
from that pitiless sea
those waves
of seeing and seaming
is this but a dream
or am I only