A Broadway Pageant by Walt Whitman

Over where they don’t see me anymore
two swordfish play around
they cavourt they escourt
they renowned

I am freedom I am asiatic nobless
I am pear-plumb ripened
I am bear-marching beer-drinking
bringing rear-ending
presenting song

I am a million Manhattan man
can do no wrong
I descent on pave-ment
to be hear

I salute
you reprove
but I guess smoke-clear

Gorgeous is it not?
Countless but I do try
Forest wave-line
sin and sin

Every ship orchestrates
its own percussion

Mass density sit with me
strive to see
the pageantry
moving youthful only 18
old enough
to drown

good thing we are Comrades!
better left til the next town

Chase-me not
kaleide-with another
I dare not kill my own

sweltering weltering kavelter-fling
none-other-ing gathered
en masse cue balls
to the dare I not
I’m a dancing girl
you missed a shot

And in the end
skipped middle ain’t it grand-different

I relent
though I know you’d still sit
for a moment waiting for the Queen
of England but an orb
isn’t the same thing
as a Paradise ill-fitting

Take me away
I march with obedience
I cannot sway