The Wisdom of Maimonides

To be a man
of Character
one should follow
the following
or Commandments:


The Laws of Character

1. To imitate His Ways
the Great Divine
in everything that
you do
and do not

2. To cleave
to those who know
about Him
as if they were
your own kin

3. To love they
neighbor as you do
love thyself

4. To love all those
who convert along
the path of Life
to the Way of the Divine

5. To hate no one
but to love
all as if they are your
own Brother
Sister Daughter or Son

6. To explain to others
who are not following
the Way how they have
been misguided
so they can be put
on the right track

7. To not shame
in such a way as
to cause them public

8. To not cause unnecessary
pain or harm
injury or suffering
to those who are already
in a bad way

9. To not tell lies
fibs and other misleading
and deceptive stories
about other people
and the goings-on
of the community

10. To not seek
revenge against
thy friends

11. To not bear a grudge
but to let it go
into the wind

I shall explain:



Every person
has different
some are happy
some are sad
some are desiring
some are admiring
some are jealous
some are relaxed

some are walking
on egg-shells
all their lives
others fight
over small coins

some have hearts
soft as a feather
others have
lungs filled with iron

some love silver
and gold
others focus on
traditions of old

We all have our differences
that’s what makes us
and style
its all a part of the same

Life Love Community

that being said
let us recognize
the Mean


The Mean

What is the Mean?

The Mean is that
which lies between
between one extreme
and the next
between the extremely
hot and the extremely
the extremely young
and the extremely old
the extremely miserably
and extremely delirious
the extremely silly
and the extremely serious

The Mean is that
which is average
which is temperate
which is moderate
which is strong and resilient
yet still
soft and pliant

The Mean is that
which is cool calm and collected
yet capable of being
passionate over that
which is exciting
delighting in joy
commiserating in sorrow
what is necessary
today and tomorrow

To live in such a way
that everything
is balanced
to ebb and flow
in accordance with
the great Divine dance
brought down here
on earth

where we are all embodiments
of masculine and feminine
warmth and freezing
breath-in and sneezing
do things regrettably
and of which
we are most proud

where sometimes
we speak
sometimes loud

The Mean
is the striking
of the balance
on the scales
of this way and that-which
of knowing
when to eat a sandwich
and when to fast
and sit in silence

To know when to pay
honor and tribute
to others
and when to watch
out for false-brothers

To be wise like
an elderly fellow
with grey-beard
and to see
when others
are acting
excessively weird

To keep your hands
in your pockets
so as not to get into trouble
but to work
with vigor
when your legs feel rubbery
to overcome
the consequence
of being blubbery
for the sake
of universal lovery

All these things
do we see the Mean
comings and goings
keeping commotion
in focus
not letting hocus-pocus
you like locusts

With cheer
and jeer
the occasional sneer
Life this great platter
of fish and chips
salty and sweet
and don’ts

won’t you find the Mean
the in-between
and out
and doubt
and absurdity spout

to be a Human Being
yet capable of spontaneous

doing things with Love
and Play
and Harmony
as well
as the


Strike a Balance

So now you know
the way of the Mean
i mean
you know what it is I Mean
when I say that a man
should not fall
to one extreme
but rather
strike a balance
between expository
and blather
jimmer and jammer
uprightness and stagger
timerity and swagger


Rainbow Swirl

Let us as Men
and Women
of the World
strive to find our own
golden swirl
of all the colors
and flavors
of the rainbow
gently into our palette
of palatial self-Love
and friendship
not malice
and the World
may be a Kingdom of the Divine
a true place
of Heaven
where we can all dine



Those who are sick
feel something
in their stomach
they taste the sweet
as salty
and the sour as sweet
they know
not what they do
they know
not what they mean

And so let these sick-men
with their weary
delirious souls
go forth
to the wise men of the community
to be healed
let them not wheel and deal
in the marketplace
nor go out of their way
to go into the rat-race
but instead
find a new gait
going straight
the man with the grey
beard on his face

and there he will hear
all that needs to be said
and if he is kind
a story shall be read
to him to go gently
to bed
to get his beauty rest
out the candle
this and more he
shall handle

from that disease
the infirmity
of body hopefully
not will

Soul reclaim thyself!
Overcome mortal
toil and coil and pain
for the sake of Him
for the sake of His Name
let us be that which
we should be
let us be strong
let us persevere
no longer shall we
look at the body
as mere shabby garments
but rather
as our chestplate
and armament
in the fight
the battle
the conquest
all those who are evil men



Moses that great
man of Biblical days
who saw the bush burning
in miraculous ways

His greatest
was the ability
to be
to be modest
to be still in the face
of the Divine Flame
so now
we remember his name

Let us too be humble
and so be remarkable
to the end of our days
in all of our ways
others heap praise upon us
as we go on our merry
to let Night crown
at the end of the day

and so

let God into your Heart
let anger dwell somewhere
no more oil shall we drill
in Texas or Alaska

let us seek
the riches
that’s what we’re really after

May we not speak
for the sake
of hearing ourself think
unless we are thinking
about wonderful
fantastic things

Let us not act
foolish unless
its for the sake
of celebrating in delicious
verbalational dishes
silence to pervade
our premises
with its awesome

With wisdom
of Solomon
we do declare
to be kind
and gentle
to Love
and to Care
to drink only that
which is necessary
to feel merry
to let others stumble
and bumble
about like fairies

We shall be filled
with laughter
not mockery
a shoe-in
not cheap sockery
we will let
into our home
with hospitality
as new friends
like the Spirit of the Torah
in our breast-breaths

Always uprighteous
we do delight
in continuing
up the path of the Mountain
into the divine Light

O Lord
God in Heaven
Hallow be thy Name
we do ask
that you grant mercy
upon us
as we do thrust
with Love in and out
of this World of Cloud and Dust
ever striving
to be worthy to be deemed
your Creation
your Sons and Daughters
ever-working towards
that which is good
and away from what is bad

I do send out a prayer
into the Cosmos
for all the Creatures
of this world
the animals
the plants
the insects other men
and women
Titans too if they do

May we all be happy
and merry
not causing each other
not falling into sin
and dark ways

May we bask in your
til the end of