The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

Wisdom from the year of 1734

To live a pleasant life, do what is necessary, not merely a luxury

We must resist her first advances, in order to make our own second chances

It is better to slip with your footing, falling head over heels,
than to slip with tongue-twisting, making pig-squeals

The most beautiful rose has its thorns,
so too, the most beautiful wife has her horns

Courageousness without Justice is nothing but Presumptuous

There are many medicines in the World, but few Cures for what ails us

Vultures flock to dead bodies, true
but to good laws, so Men do

Sweet Candies and Sugar Pills bring Teeth Cavities and Dental Drills

To Blame all and Praise all is to have no Opinion at all

Be careful with Wine and Girls and Running About
or you will catch Slothfulness Plague and Gout

There is no Glory without Laboratory

Our Government Seeks to Hide its Flaws
if only it would spend half that time working on Laws

Be Moderate in your Success to let others feel Best

Spoken with Hostility, Leads to Futility

If you Love it, Nourish it with Care

The Fools and Jesters Never make it Better


Wisdom from good ole 1735

See in Advance, or let down your Pants

The Critic laments the Best of Books,
like the Devil giving Angels weird looks

Say No to the Yes-Men

With Patience, even a Mouse can become a Man

With Courtesies and Crafts, He lays a Surprise Attack

Grow your Garden, Tend your Wife
and all will be happy in your Life

The Bachelor Chimpanzee becomes a Married Oaf

Take note of the Weather or it will take Note of You

Drink to Wisdom by giving your Drink to a Friend

The Poor Man’s Meals are Seasoned with Hunger
the Rich Man must Walk to stir up his Hunger

Chasing a Woman to the End of the Earth,
One chases the Dream of being Hurt

The Priest cannot convince us Otherwise
of what we have seen with our own Two Eyes

Everyone’s Ancestors were Fools

Need is met by Greed

He who seems Prideful is really a Beggar in Disguise

With all the Wit in the World
their Bellies remain Empty

Ask a Good Question and get a Good Answer

When you hire Servants that Smile
prepare to be Lied to for a while

Be slow in Choosing Friends, slower in Changing Them

Married at Night let your Wife be Bright

As Pain does Wrack the Body so Pleasure May wreak havoc on the Mind

The Thief Steals things, the Man of Wisdom brings

Money sweeter than Honey, beware of Cavities

Be humble in Greatness stir twice the Amazement

The sailing ship and the largess woman
are the two things seen which are most common

Take care of your Life and Life will take care of You

The King wastes Cheese made from the People’s Milk

Keep Giving Sharp, though Receiving may be Rusty

Lacking Energy one Acts foolishly

The Learned Fool and the Ignorant Wise Man are the Same Thing

Secrets are Guaranteed only within the Coffin’s Grave

What Poverty wants Luxury needs Twice Of

A Liar Wavers, Truth Savors

Words are ill-fit for Revenge,
though many will seek Revenge for Words spoken

The Witty hit their head on the Ceiling

The Absurd Man is seen by what He Pretends to Be

Be Great by Giving Away

Beware He who seems Moderate Publicly
he may consume Voluptuously when at Home

The Pleaser fools you into being a Believer

Receive more injuries than you give and acquire Inner Strength

Under the Name of Opportunity, Many are Screwed

With Good Sleep, Man is Healthy

While it is dutiful to be humble to Superiors,
it is noble to be humble to Inferiors

The Public Speaker an Ocean of Words, a Drop of Reason

Be Wise when Young, and be Youthful in Old Age

She laughs while you Speak
to show off her pretty Teeth

Despise what most Men like
and overcome the common Plight

Be like the Sun, giving Freely

Though others disappoint, make self-Reliance a good Point

Find Faults in Advance, and you won’t need a Second-Chance

Healthy and Wise, Happiness is no Surprise


Swashbuckling 1736

The Fool is seen by His Actions, not his Things

Wisdom is Spending less than you Make

Be Kind to those who Depend on You for their Food

Like a Fish, the Guest who stays too long starts to Reak

Only the Angels have no Fools Beggars or Whores
in their Family Tree

With Diligence Time is Well Spent

If you Don’t Do You Won’t Know

Be Modest and you will Seem Honest

Wealth is not Money but Enjoyment

The Past and Present are Seen Clearly,
the Future has less visibility

With Discretion One may Hold his Tongue

Keep Your Affairs Private, by choosing a good maidservant

Keep away Kindle from the Flame, Gambling from the Game

In Business there are no Friends

To Admire is to not Know

For every Doctor there are Four Drunkards

Painting her Face, she Shows her Ass

False courage seizes absent lions, running away from Present Mice

If you take a Wife, take care of Her
or she will Take you for all You’re worth

Do not Spy and you will have less Drama in your Life

Spend Wisely and Save for your Family

With Patience in Hand, One may acquire any Skill

With Abundance everyone crowds me with Smiles

The World is Nice to those who are Nice to It

The Blind Man’s Wife Paints her own Portrait

The Ant is the Best Preacher, doing without saying

Out of Sight they seek to hide
at Present excuse resides

The Stone-Faced Man is easily opened with a Gift

If the Wind bothers you, you are destined to be Under-Ground

The One ruins the Name of All

Be Wary those Pretending to Be Friendly asking for Your Money

Those in Glass-Houses don’t throw Stones

Pigs are meant to be Fat, Men are meant to be Virtuous

The Good Wife and the Good Husband are Products of Each-Other

Some People desire Death having not bothered with the Business
of Time well Spent

With Force one Whips a Dead Horse

To Love is to be a Poet
to Travel is to Know it

Often Speaking, Often Mistaken

Having Lent Money your Memory will be Better
than He who Receives

Be Forewarned or Be Up-in-Arms

The Man who is Cheated on the Streets will be Cheated between the Sheets

To Live Well is to Have Wisdom

The Greater the Title Self-Proclaimed,
the More Laughable the Aforementioned Name

If you Scatter Thorns, you Must always Wear Shoes

With mis-placed Trust, He is easily Deceived

The Body Heals, the Doctor Bills

Desiring Much, Much seems Not Enough

She Speaks Freely at Others Expense

Receive Up-front give More than Enough

More die of Over-eating than of Hunger in this Country

Our bad teeth a consequence of our tricks and treats

The Respectable Daughter brings Pride to her Father

Be a Man not a Pig

To live peacefully, Judge all but speak Softly

To fall for Beauty is to fall down Stairs

Be Hopeful and Lessen Woe

All things are easy to the man who works hard
and hard to the man who works not at all

Ride a Man like a Horse and be Bucked Off

Newness does not equal Truthfulness
Oldness does not mean Erroneous

Beware those who take Pride in Hunting Animals

The Astrologer Says Much while the World Does

Enjoy what is Pleasing the Joys of Receiving

Be late for Sickness, Early for Wellness

A Love-less Marriage, is no Marriage at all

The Number of Lawyers far exceeds the Need

Beware the pitfalls of Cleverness on the Road to Success

With Words Forthcoming, one winds up Stumbling

With little effort little is Achieved

To those who spend Lavishly, things mean nothing
To those who spend Wisely, things mean everything

Engage the listener and they will be willing to Hear

Too much Studies dull the Mind

Happiness is that which is done Efficiently

Don’t value a man for his Money, but for his Quality

I’d rather have a Fine Horse than an Unfine Rider

If you stand in the Snow, you will get Cold

More great Men have died unacknowledged than we will ever Know

Love keeps friends and over-whelmes enemies

The Man at Peace sits at ease
the Man who is ill can never sit still

Teach your Child Silence and they will Speak with Eloquence

He who Cannot Learn Cannot Teach

The Innocent Plowman is more worthy than the Hated Principality

Seeking Cheddar, Saying Cheese, their smile is but a sneeze

The Best Grief is caused by those you Love

To speak non-sensically is to be Charming

A Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush

Let Water be Thy Drink and Keep Money in your Pocket

To be Rich one can spend loose, true
but to be sparing one need not all that money in the first place

Your Enemy wins, when you get Upset

The Wicked Hero reverts back to the Coward

The Lawyer nets passer-bys
like the spider does flies

Working in Shifts, their Schedules are Fixed

To be Sore that is the Rub

If the Government would obey its Laws, the people would Obey its Government

Stay warm in Cold weather by wearing a Fur Coat

Beware you don’t become the Currency of your Wealth

Need transcends Laws made by Men

The Heart is an Onion, Deep Cuts bring Tears

Greed is the enemy of all that is Good

Save Money and save your problems for a Rainy Day

At the Whim of Others, One misses many Dinners

If you are going to be Ignorant, at least learn Something

Take care of what is Gentle, the Strong will take care of Themselves

The bar-rat does pub-crawl home
to stumble into bed the toilet his throne

The Wisest Seeming Man may know nothing
while the True Prophet basks in Silence

If you seek to swim in happy waters, be the first to jump in

With as many wars as there are in the world, why pick more Fights?

To my readers, the ears you have lent me
I hope they have been re-paid with interest


The Butter-Churning 1737

The Only thing Wealth guarantees is Money

To use what you have to the fullest,
is to have far-more than you ever knew you had

Time waisted daily, soon becomes a year

Make full use of your day and you can let Night have its way with you

To spend $50 foolishly is to throw your money in a river

The time wasted spent on wasting money
doubles the foolishness in foolish spending

Know that to spend money you don’t have
you will have to make more money to cover the interest in time
than you will most likely be interested in doing

Spend only what you have at Hand, and you will come away a Better Man

Foolish spending not only wastes the time necessary to make the money
in the first place
but also the opportunity to use that money for goodness-sake

The Greatest King still sits on his Ass

The Greatest of Men live with Purpose

To be deprived a bed-time treat, is no depravation at all

The Lawyer sees everything as a Means

To sleep peacefully is the greatest Victory

The hungry-man’s food tastes the sweetest

Learn from other’s mistakes, the shortcut to Wisdom

You cannot Love that which you seek to Dominate

Be Glorious by acting for the sake of Conscience

Fine things do not make a Fine Man

To live a good life is far better than to write a great book

To eat well and drink much is to have lost half the battle thus

With Death we do learn too late

Like Smoke, where there is Love there is Fire

Let your Actions be Well-Said

A Fine Girl is more rare than Gold

Use your feet not your words, and you’ll stay Healthy not Hoarse

There is no such thing as a beautiful Prison

No better acquaintance than a Friend’s patience

Be an Ass only when Traveling

Work Hard and you will Avoid many of Life’s Problems

Though he may be a good lawyer
he may be a Bad Neighbor

Like Death the Lawyer does conquer all

The squeakiest wheel gets the Grease, or completely replaced

Be careful with men who sell snake-oil

The tree up-rooted and the Child discouraged
can never grow as tall

Write for the sake of meaning, not filling pages

Too much of a good thing is lacking

Say goodbye to enemies in death, spending your life with Friends

Give away your Secrets, Give away your Life

You will never find a better servant than you can serve-yourself

Pursuing two things opposite, Man is divided

It’s hard to find the Right One in the Wrong Place

The Less Time the More Focus, though Vision may be Distorted

Insults never yielded compliments

Don’t go to the doctor for every belly-ache,
the lawyer for every complaint,
and you will find your head and wallet in better shape

No-one is more superstitious than the man who loans out money,
he checks your movements every hour of the day

To be Noble is to Wonder What Can I Do for the sake of the World

Together, We create the World we Live In

The Most Popular Man is the One who is Good