On Friendship by Cicero

“True friendship is only possible between two good men.”
- Cicero

Growing up, my father had the wisdom to put me in the company of the great Quintus Mucius Scaevola. Fortunate for myself, Scaevola used to speak of many things, and on one occasion he began to tell me of the time he was discussing with his father-in-law Laelius the Wise the meaning of friendship.

Scaevola was indeed a remarkable man, known both for his knowledge of the law as well as his wisdom. Likewise, Laelius was certainly one of the wisest men of all of Rome, as well as one of the most just.  Laelius enjoyed a lifelong friendship with a man named Scipio Africanus, certainly one of the finest instances of friendship of all time. The discussion which I was fortunate enough to hear from Scaevola is one which took place just after the passing of Laelius’ friend Scipio. Come let us hear what at this moment in time Laelius the Wise had to say about the true meaning of friendship.