The Discourse on Method by Rene Descartes

Part I: Science

Most people are able to think about things reasonably, what we call “good sense” or “reason.” And yet, people hold different opinions about the same things. Why? Because, different people think about the same thing in different ways. They consider different things important. This is why it is important not only to have a functioning brain, but also to use it properly. Just because someone is smart, this doesn’t mean that he will act in a good way. Likewise, the person who can think the quickest isn’t necessarily the one who makes good decisions.

Personally, I do not consider myself to be any “smarter” than the average person. I am neither sharp-witted nor particularly imaginative. I also do not have an exceptional memory. As human beings, we are all able to do these things, to a greater or lesser degree, and this is what distinguishes us from animals.

But, in one way I do see myself as having an advantage over the average person in that I have created my own method for learning. I have been using this method for some time now, and in doing so, I have learned many things. I am very happy with this method, as I see it as being very valuable in discovering new truths.

While you may decide this method is not for you, I wanted to share it with you with the hope that you may also find it useful.