Howl by Allen Ginsberg

I’ve seen the worst minds of my generation employed.
Well-dressed and carefully manicured
as they saunter down the white-washed hallways
of tall buildings looking for their next raise.

I’ve seen golden parachutes deployed while boys become men in the afterlife.
I’ve seen stock options collapse while necessary evil makes itself at home.
I’ve seen the burning of Rome.

I’ve seen many things, haven’t we all?
Madonna and pop Kabbalah, ipad fads and gucci bags.
Litigious circle jerks supporting Desperate Housewives prescription perks.
While the ice melts off your watch, the polar bear’s heart stops.

Techno-wrecking ball, medical rockets and superstar slips
Many problems, one easy fix.

Ozone-layer cake, wall to walmarts
it doesn’t hurt, it just smarts.
Rotten-toothed kids, buy one get one free
don’t worry dental hygienists fill every cavity.

News that never ends, kids
Bill O’Reilly and Ronald McDonald are not your friends.

Alcoholics anonymously tagged on facebook
beer pong internships mistaken for an educational hook.

Presidential candidates go down smooth
while our lives become the parody.

I’ve seen scientific saviors question the meaning of grant money
for new buildings where mathematicians connect lines that don’t add up.

History channels without history, what did you expect?
Diabetic government receives half in rental check.

Overweight television fit for a king,
pardon the interruption slot machine.

I’ve seen terrorism threaten our way of credit card debt,
social insecurity propping up the national bet.

Eyeball kicks and potato salad tricks
grab another piece of pie while the war goes on.

I’ve seen No child left behind on the merry-go line
while the world receives a hummer from the latest corporate blunder.

I’ve seen the Last of the Mohicans vacation in the carribean
while making a reservation at Chilis.

The space race leaves waste
while the clean up crew takes a shit.

Overconsumption of liver function
freedom of thought left to rot.

Light up a spokesman for Coke and Starbucks
did you know your cup is half full of corn and pus?

I’ve seen foxy lady talking heads
media teddy bear rocking your child to bed.

Wealth despairs over worn-out rocking chair
grey hair no worries supersize gulps summer flurries.

I’ve seen the Economy create new Steve Jobs,
Zen microphone speaks and camel prods.

Slap-happy delinquent roadkill confederacy
spills oil on your salad dressing guilt-free.

Farm hands band together under the name of government subsidy
did you think your $1 menu came free?

I’ve seen immigrant hypocrisy knocking on the door
Leave our country, we ruined it first!

I’ve seen the exclamation point out the moral drought
of greed and fame hiding behind surname.

Iraq laid to waste before prime time
rattling sabers made clean with conscience tooth-paste.

I’ve seen an unjustified sense of global superiority
destroying communities identity before they have a chance.

Lambs to slaughter human kabobs
gyrate new interest in personal frauds.

Brittany Spears nasal clears
government sponsored columbian railway straight to LA.

City Lights, Time of your Life
publicized sermons of wrong and right.

I’ve seen the humming bird, he’s got nothing on my twitter.

American Dream, I’ve run out of steam.
Find someone else to do your bidding.
Moloch! Madness!
When will we find our cure to this international sadness?