Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

There once was a strange chemist
by the name of Dr. Jekyll
who used to like to tinker with chemical tinctures
in his laboratory chamber.

He was well known in the town of London
for being a most respectable gentleman.
Amiable and engaging, in conversation and while recreating
with fellow citizens for whom he threw fantastic parties
where everyone was invited to drink and dine,
over food for thought and fine wine.

A good time held by all, his guests ate hearty
enjoying their dinner, drink and party
while learning of the most fantastic stories
of fame and fortune and personal glories.

But when all was said and done,
there was one man who would stay behind to chat
about this and that was Mr. Utterson,
Dr. Jekyll’s most trusted lawyer and friend.
A man whose pleasure he greatly enjoyed
in matters both personal and employed.

Mr. Utterson likewise deeply cared for his friend,
the doctor whose experiments came to no end.
But there was one improvisation
with which the lawyer was deeply concerned,
that his friend had since his will to amend
such that an unknown Mr. Hyde
should receive what he had earned.

Yes, this was quite strange, strange indeed
for Mr. Utterson knew all of Dr. Jekyll’s associates.
Who could this mystery man be?
And what claim did he have to this inheritancy?

Even more queer, a most distressing passage did appear
“May Dr. Jekyll’s properties pass into the hands of Mr. Hyde
- through death or disappear.”
Disappear! What was this word doing here?
Certainly, this was cause for alarm
the word suggesting the doctor may come to harm.

Many a night the lawyer did worry
as to why such an expression was added,
and in such a hurry.
With questions filling his mind,
Mr. Utterson decided to walk and find
the doctor in order to question him
about the will and the contents within.

On his way over, the lawyer did notice
a man walking quickly and swiftly
heading straight for the corner
where a girl was merrily skipping along.
This is where it all went wrong,
for the man rushed straight toward her
knocking her down – trampling torture.

Mr. Utterson stood utterly aghast
unable to believe what had just passed.
For the wicked man acted like nothing had happened
without prejudice or pride, no apology, no stepping aside
flattening the girl’s otherwise bubbly self
cautioning the wind, go back on the shelf.

The lawyer looked onward,
seeing the man’s face and noticing
in his eyes there was great wickedness,
his manner and dress giving the creeps a rest.

Shaken up, so to speak
Mr. Utterson could barely stand, knees weak
baffled but not stirred, by this tragedy.
Bewildered and confused, he did then continue
to pay his visit to Dr. Jekyll.

“My good friend! How nice to see you!”
the doctor exclaimed, letting his friend through.
“The pleasure’s all mine,” replied the lawyer
“But there is a matter with you I must implore.”
“Certainly, what is it?”
“It is your will, this and nothing more.”
“Specifically, there is a line about a certain Mr. Hyde.
Who is this man, in whom you do confide?”

“My dear friend,” replied the doctor,
“No need to worry, I realize you do not know this man personally
but I can assure you I have taken a special interest in him
and for that reason my will has been properly written.
Please, then, let us not discuss this any more,
your trust in executing these matters I am most sure.”

Despite his concerns, Mr. Utterson agreed
to honor the will, odd as it may seem.
For his friend entrusted in him,
and he was a man of dignity.
Sacred bond hold firm
- right or wrong concern.

And so the lawyer left, his head still swimming
about this unforeseen willing as well as the incident
he had witnessed earlier before, where that
brutal man did trample over that poor girl.
No note did he miss, what a terrible scene!
Ignorance is bliss, but nothing is free.

Days went by and everything seemed fine.
Dr. Jekyll was his predictably handsome self – dinner and wine.
Mr. Utterson enjoying his company as usual, rain or shine.

But one day, the lawyer went to see his scientific friend
who for some reason was nowhere to be found.
His butler telling him he was predisposed
“I wonder why that might be?” the lawyer supposed
for he had always been offered admittance to the doctor’s house
to discuss whatever matter the mind might fuss.

Indeed, for the next few weeks, he was scarcely seen.
Unusually, his usual charming self on the ween.
No dinner parties, no entertaining
the sun had gone out, only raining.

This troubled his long-time friend, who did then
remember that distinct passage from the will of the doctor.
“Through death or disappearance” he became quite still,
blood running, though evenly chilled.
Could it be? The doctor not merely ill,
but disposed of in actuality?
Worse still, had he taken a spill, or been given a pill
to now lie face down in the mud
or worse, in some landfill?

Night fell upon the lawyer as he walked home,
through dark and misty allies, like the streets of ancient Rome.
He noticed from a distance an elderly gentleman
soon met by another shadowy figure, alone.

Pleasant enough, so it seemed,
a few words did pass between
the two men engaged in conversation, but then
all of a sudden Mr. Utterson’s jaw dropped aghast
for he could not believe his eyes at what just passed.
Before his very senses the elderly man beaten senseless
The shadowy aggressor striking – reckless
leaving the lawyer trembling and in great fright,
heart beating, the old man lying dead prostrate in the street,
“What the f–” expletive-delete.

Blood everywhere! What terror!
The evil man turned and noticed the lawyer,
and they looked into each other’s eyes
for they were only a block apart wide.
Mr. Utterson knew the man, knew him will
for this was that same man, straight out of hell
who trampled that poor girl only months before.
Bloody devil, committing crime once more!

The lawyer then saw the man steal himself across the street,
making a straight path to Dr. Jekyll’s house!
How odd! What could he be doing with his friend?
Certainly, this would come to no good end.

He chased after him yelling “Stop! Villain!”
but no sooner did this shadowy figure enter the doctor’s quarters,
seeking refuge in his chamber room
- hide and seek, dust and broom.

The lawyer then realized, this must be
the man mentioned in the will! How else would he
have a key to none other than the doctor’s residency?
This must be that Mr. Hyde, who trampled the girl
and now, committing murder – most foul
good conscience long ago having thrown in the towel.

Well, if this is Mr. Hyde, I’ll be Mr. Seek.
And so he followed him in, so to speak
committed to catching this cursed man, by all means
to subdue him – shrieks and screams.

And so, the lawyer did then follow him into
the doctor’s waiting room, or so he tried
the door being locked from the inside.
Putting his shoulder to work, he forced open the lock
“Mr. Hyde! I know it’s you. Your days are through!”

But in response, he heard only a whine and shriek!
“No, it isn’t what you think!”
“Please! Wait!” But it was too late
Mr. Utterson bursting in determined to acquaint
the murderer with his own hands
or at least, the jail’s gate.

But when the lawyer came in, much to his surprise
the man lay twisting on the ground, pain in his side.
A vial in one hand, a note in the other,
Mr. Hyde lay dead inside Dr. Jekyll’s chamber.

What horror! What in the world?
The lawyer took the note from his hand curled,
hoping it would help him to understand
the meaning of this foul demon
- now sleeping in the sand.

“Dear Mr. Utterson,” the note he read
“It is I, Dr. Jekyll, your long-time friend.
If you are reading this, then surely you understand
that my life has suddenly and abruptly come to an end.
Let me explain what happened, how it all began.

In my chemical experiments here in the lab,
I came across a most strange concoction, like nothing ever had.
It was pink and blue, with a faint hue
a strange mixture, through and through.
It’s scent wafted into my nostrils, breathing it in I felt alive
as if a wild beast did within me reside
ready to be unleashed, to be freed
to meet the world with most ravenous greed.

This temptation I could no longer fight, there was no use
and so I gave in, drinking the juice.
Throwing caution to the wind, I titled back the vial
and with throat wide open I did imbibe the substance
to see what would happen, wait and see
but no sooner did then a sharp pain run through my body.
Everything right and wrong in the world slain,
I lay on the ground, twisting in pain.

But then, ten minutes later, I had arose
different than normal, quite strange I suppose.
For a new man was born, in body and spirit
crying aloud for all of London to hear it.
I sprang from my chamber, out into the world
to let this new self run free, no longer constrained
by Victorian chastity.

I was a new man, willing to entertain
whatever wild notion was at hand
of things both good and evil, whatever desired
whatever required – the coupon not yet expired.
What a thrill! To be alive, to be free
to run and hide as only I pleased.
Indeed, I had become – Mr. Hyde!

But then, it seemed, Mr. Hyde was a completely different man
capable of the most wicked things, things I don’t understand.
Trampling a young girl, and killing a man!
This isn’t what I bargained for, this will not stand!
And so I ran back into my chamber door
to write this letter and explain to you my odd behavior.
This vial my attempted savior, to get rid of that vile creature
that Mr. Hyde, no longer to endure
but rather to become Dr. Jekyll, again once more.

But, if you are reading this letter,
then surely you already know
that I was unable to return to my proper form
and so instead I now lie here on the floor.
Having been overcome by my creation,
destroyed by this drug – recreation
My scientific elation giving way to demise
and so, in place of the once beloved Dr. Jekyll
here now lies the dead and wicked Mr. Hyde.”