The Bremen Town Musicians by the Brothers Grimm

There was once an ass

whose master
made him carry sacks

which damn near
broke his very back

and too there was a cat
who no longer
desired to chase mice
as his owner

for he preferred to sit
by the stove
and purr

warmed by the fire

And there was a hound-dog
which desired no longer
to accompany his
master on hunts

besides he had
already decided
to be vegetarian
even vegan possibly

and last but not least
there was a Canary-bird

who was no longer
interested in perching
himself on the trees

outside where
his master and mistresses
would watch
and sneeze

with the pollen and dust

and so each one in their own
for their own reasons that

found themselves on the road
to Bremen

and at a nexus point
they came across
one another

and looked into each other’s
and said

“Dear Friend, I too am
going to Bremen
for I do not seek any longer to be
the plaything tool
and utensil of the Man.”

and it is in this way
that together they formed a band

and went along the ole dusty

to Bremen square
where they would play


and light up the world
with wonderment

and Snare