Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe

Sweet Berenice

How I loved to look at her

how I admired her
my future bride to be

sweet sweet


She would sit there all day
and play with her hair
her hands gently resting along side her

she would walk back
and forth

yes there she is

to the kitchen the living room
the bed

and she was mine

my wife
to be had

and as the years went by her beauty
never changed

as the hair on her head
as her legs
her body became slightly frail

as her eyes developed
that ever
so little
tainted grey

her feet moving a bit slower
slowly around
the corner

her hips without that same motion
her beauty
never changed

my bride my wife to be
and was

and is
beautiful Berenice
though the clothes now drape a bit
though her skins somewhat

though the air around her
isn’t quite

though so many times ago
there were
there is

her beauty always

never fades

those teeth how I love her teeth
I stare at her teeth for hours for days

these embers these flames
of white
beautiful teeth crisp sharp perfections
these teeth
she carries with her wherever she goes
the same

chewing grating molestating

such beautiful teeth
my beautiful Berenice





I dream I dream
I dream of those teeth

I dream of my love and her lovely teeth

I can see them chattering
I can see them dangeling
just asking to be held
she protects them in that
mouth of hers

those beautiful castle walls
those spires and torrets
those teeth

how I
dream of those gleaming white



“Yes!” my servant awakes me
“What is it?”

“Sire, it seems Berenice
while you were
well while you were sleeping
she is dead
yes I’m afraid she is dead
and she is buried out in the cemetery
in a grave
I am so sorry to tell you this.”

What can this be?

I look around
I awake how can this be happening
Berenice Berenice!
Where are thee?

Where are you? I was just
dreaming of you

I look around
and I notice something’s not right
something’s different

my clothes
my clothes are all covered
with mud
and red crimson blotches
I’m wet
and dirty

and there is a spade lying on the floor next to

and there is a box 8×10 containing something

what a strange thing
this box here
all of a sudden I don’t know what it contains

but I must go!
I must go to her grave!

I leave I flea I get out of that place
out of that entrapment that tomb
that house alone
now where is Bernice

to the cemetery to the grave-site
I will find her
I must see if this is true
could it really be
of course
not I must be imagining things

Here, here is the spot here is the grave
I look into that deep dark pit
and there is nothing there

there is no body
nothing just this empty hole
with the dirt dug up around
it mud everywhere

isn’t that
strange where is my sweet Berenice

and I get up
and turn around

and there is something coming
towards me stumbling
stammering in a white
dress muddied

coming towards me
I strain to see through the mist

and there there there it is
right before me

there she is

I’m so happy
It’s Bernice

and she comes at me
towards me
and I see her face clearly
ghoulish greenish white and grey
with blood around her lips

and she opens
them up parting them

and stammering
her jaw moving

I see her gums
and the raw