The Hippocratic Oath

I do swear by Apollo by Aesclepius by all the Gods and Goddesses
in this world and the world beyond in the heavens and on Earth
by Health itself by the All that is All
that I shall do my very best to uphold this Oath
to honor and respect those who have taught me this little wisdom
I know about how the body works how to prevent disease
how to attempt to cure disease when it strikes mankind.

I will do my very best to use this knowledge this wisdom
this art of medicine of healing of health and well-being
to help my brothers and sisters with their ailments
and to prevent them from undo suffering,
and when possible to keep them in good-health
and good-spirits such that ill-fate never inhabits
their bodies and minds as its home
never knocks on their doors
never follows them like shadowy footsteps.

I shall treat all my patients as if they were my brothers
and sisters, doing all that I can to help them
to help the body heal itself
and find the Harmonia that makes Wellness
and Happiness possible.

I shall teach all those willing to learn the sacred art
of medicine and healing for free, the desire to help
others so that we may be free of harm,
so that we may help ourselves,
so that our community may live with strength
and vitality my only desire.

I seek not commendations, awards or degrees
I seek no external merits, honors or prestige
but only that we as Greeks we as human beings
we as entities and organisms participating
in this World this Cosmos may have inner peace.

I shall do my best not to harm anyone intentionally
not to offer drugs or procedures and surgeries
which are unnecessary, never to seek to profit
monetarily from someone else’s woe,
never to do what I know is not right.

I shall practice this art as a sacred and holy
thing for what is more important than our
bodies than our minds than our spirits
than our beings?

To all those who let me into your house
and home I do solemnly swear upon this Oath
that I will do you no harm, I know that you are
vulnerable trusting my hands
I shall not dishonor thee or myself.

What you speak to me I shall keep secret
you have my confidence always
I will never stir trouble for you
I am a man of peace a man of Love
a Doctor a Physician a Healer
this is our sacred bond

May the Gods grant me the strength
to fulfill my duties with honor and dignity
my heart given strength to stay the course
to make my hands bloody
so that others may become pure
to go into the depths the bowels
of my friends and neighbors
so that they may return to a life
of Happiness and Love
free of pain
free of worry

I do swear to all this and More
may the Gods grant me long-life
so that I may do my part
in this Kinship we call Soul.