George Washington’s Farewell Address

Dear Friends and Fellow Citizens,

The time has come for a new president to be elected, and upon leaving you today, I want you to know that I am with you – as a citizen, a fellow member of our community and this great nation.

I have tried my best to serve our country with honor and dignity, and now that the reins are to be passed to another, I would like to kindly offer some words of advice with the hope that they might be of some value to you in moving forward as a nation.

Might our nation continue to benefit from the Constitution which we have created, and be blessed by the spirit of fraternity and benevolence which shines forth so brightly in our finest moments.

And might we seek to prepare ourselves for foreseen dangers and do everything in our power to uphold what is right and true. For the love of liberty runs deep in our hearts, yet, within man lies the power for great evil, and so we must be every vigilant against the deceits of others.

Our great strength comes from working together and standing as one. As a country, we are one. And so, we live in peace and tranquility, with independence from the wars waged in other countries. Our enemies, those detractors, will seek to tear us away, tear us apart from each other, but we must not let them do so. United we stand, divided we fall.

Let us not make distinctions on the basis of race or religion or geography, but be proud to be all Americans, working together for the benefit of everyone. All for one, and one for all.

Let North and South work together, East and West. Let those areas lacking in some resource benefit from those areas which have it in excess. Let us pool our resources, and our selves, so that we may all live in greatness. For it is only when we stand together that we are all able to live with liberty and freedom.

Granted, it is difficult in such a large and far-flung country to work as a cohesive unit, but let us do our best at every turn, and then, there will be no regrets.

Do not allow those bent on causing trouble for their own selfish ends to weaken our resolve and fraternity. See through their rabble-rousing, the particularities, to glimpse the Divine which guides us to ever greater heights.

Do not allow the interests of Spain or Great Britain to distract you from what we must do as Americans. For there are many intent on using our resources for themselves, of involving us in their quagmires, and distracting and upsetting our natural harmonious and peaceful relations.

We must be a union, strong, with a firm alliance amongst ourselves, represented by a government of Men who will look after us as if we were their very own blood. For we are all one big family, a union, a fraternity of love.

To uphold the Constitution, it is upon us. For we must live on the basis of principles, as good men with truth, honesty, loyalty and justice for all.

Take note of those who seek to disrupt the smooth functioning of peace and harmony, are they truly working for the common good, or are they merely putting on some show for themselves? Look deep into their souls, beyond the words coming from their mouths, and you will know who to follow, and who to disavow.

For those who seek to attain power for themselves, without the best interest of the State, will do anything to accomplish their ends, even at the Nation’s expense. Be ever vigilant against them, for not all men are true Men.

Be careful those who seek to ammend our Constitution with flippancy, for they may be focused on some short-term goal, without a vision of the larger picture. Let us allow our country to go forth and prosper on the basis of the spirit of this document, and time will tell whether we have been successful in what has been written.

Beware those who engage in party politics, putting one side against the other. For such men seek to keep us all in constant confusion, watching the latest debates and fights and headlines, while issues of real importance get lost in the fray.

Beware these party politics, for sooner or later they will result in one man being hoisted above the rest, ruling on the basis of some false sense, some proclaimed mandate, rather than the true spirit of the people.

Always favor that which is in spirit, than those institutions bound to spring up on the basis of competing ideologies. Do not be distracted, do not let your passions be aroused, by those who seek to cause disruption, so they can gain power amidst the clouds of dust kicked up and supposed storm clouds.

Whatever benefits parties have, they will have them. But do not encourage them to grow any further, or you will see their inevitable consequences on our great nation.

Let us be careful that those different branches of our government do not come to encroach on the other, that one man or one thing does not suppose itself to be greater than intended. With the love of liberty in our hearts, let us always keep an eye out for those driven by power and despotism.

Let us remember that to care about the Divine, about what is just and true, to make space in our lives for what is holy and sacred, is vital to remaining good men committed to the causes of justice and virtue.

Let us ensure that we are properly educated, truly educated, with the practical knowledge needed to survive, and thrive, as a society, as well as knowledge of the Divine which illuminates our inner life with meaning and purpose and peace.

Both individually and collectively, let us do everything in our power to stay out of debt. Let us spend within our means and encourage responsibility. Anyone who tries to get you to spend more than you ought to, whether another person or an institution, must be shunned, for they seek to undermine the strength of our country.

Let us also recognize the necessity of taxation, in order to have revenue and so stay out of debt. If our government is pure, representing ourselves, then the payment of taxes will go to serve the greater good. Let us hope this is always the case.

Observe good faith and fair dealings with those of all nations. Let us strive for peace and harmony rather than conflict, for nothing good comes from causing warfare and strife. We have been put here on this Earth for the sake of doing good, as a shining light to show men how to act with dignity and honor, not to bring pain and suffering to others.

We must therefore make sure not to get embroiled in the affairs of Europe which have nothing to do with ourselves. We must not alter our policies on the basis of artificially-propped up friendships or harbored-grudges with foreign countries. We will only have enduring peace if we are able to be free of all such causes of trouble. Live and let live, there is enough air for the world to breathe in.

Show true patriotism, not getting upset at made-up causes, brought forth by ambitious or discontented men, rabble-rousers and charlatans, those bought off in advance with foreign currency and interests, but stand firm for the sake of unity and brotherhood. Keep your eyes forward, as we climb to great heights, undeterred by the surrounding squabbles of the Western World.

Let Europe’s concerns of nation-states and cities and tariffs and trading be her own, not ours, for we have our own community, which must be tended. The garden, the plants, the flowers, must be watered with our spirit, not drenched in unnecessary blood shed.

Let us, in this new land, away from the old, make the most of the situation at hand, to show what men are truly capable of, when given a fresh start. Let us not engage in permanent alliances, no matter how great another country may be, for in the end, what matters most is love, spirit and fraternity, which crosses all boundaries.

And so, just as we interact harmoniously with ourselves, so must we act in harmony with the rest of the world. Let us make ourselves proud, as well as the world, as a nation of good and just men, ruled by good and just principles, striving ever more for greatness in honor, loyalty, and truth.

Thank you.