The Sleeping Beauty by the Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time
there lived a King and a Queen
who greatly desired to become pregnant
- for the Queen to become pregnant

so that they

could have
a Child

Yes they desired for the most miraculous
handsome or beautiful guy or girl
to come bounding out of her
regal enclosure
into the world.

And then one day the King did hear a dream
that he would have a beautiful baby daughter
and he was so happy

and over the coming months
the Queen’s stomach did grow
and so
it was evident this dream was coming true

and the King and Queen were so happy
so bemused
that they invited all the other women
in the neighboring 5 mile radius
to join them in a feastful

and specifically
there happened to be not a dozen but 13
women in that circumscribed area

but unfortunately the King and Queen
only had place settings for 12

and while they could have easily
brought up an extra chair
and dish and silverware

they chose instead to snuff the baker dozen
only inviting the dozen
women in

and so the women celebrated
and feasted on lamb legs
and ham and wine and sugarplums

and naturally
later on told the other one

and she became quite upset
that this had happened

that she had been
left out in the cold
while they amused themselves

and so she said to herself
and to the other ladies
and them to the King and Queen

“May your daughter
fall ill when she turns 15
may she sleep sleep
Sleeping Beauty
for an eternity never to be wakened again
for as you could not bother
to make room for me

so now she
will be unable to attend
the activities of Life’s Party
and friends”

and the King and Queen
hearing about this evil-wishing

since its a small town y’know
were quite concerned
and so vowed to do everything in their
power to make sure this wouldn’t
happen to her

for the woman who cast such a spell
had explained that the little Girl
would stub her finger on a spindle
starting the coma-tingle.

So all the King and Queen needed
to do was make sure this wouldn’t
happen to their poor girl
and so they ordered all thimbles
and spindles and pincles
and what-not out of their Kingdom

to far away lands
even the haystack was upturned

for the sake
of protecting their poor girl

but then as that moment did arrive
when their little girl turned 15
they decided
to go on a vacation to the Caribbean

and in that moment
the little Girl did poke herself
on a spindle

and so fall into that deep


where she would reside
with the angels
and dreams

and the King and Queen
came back and cursed themselves
for their negligence

but no sooner did these words leave
their lips
did then they too become like icicles
stopped frozen

the whole palace castle
with pets and servants and the pork
tenderloin roasting on the spit
all stopping
in their tracks dead frozen solid

for the Woman’s curse took its course
not only
on the little girl
but all else around her by extension

and being a fairytale place
all the young Princes and Knights
of neighboring

saw what had happened
and heard

and went to the gates of the castle
and moat

and there they did see that
the walls were being covered with ivy
with vines

which grasped this scene
in their claws and thorns

but they were valiant and so decided
to break through
in order to kiss the girl
because that’s what you do
that is the formula for resusitation
as written down in their handbook

but each Prince who did try to enter
the forbidden city

was caught up in the web
of entangling trees
and choked to death
by the
immortal vine

and so the Sleeping Beauty
continued her rest

and finally a Prince came like
all the rest

and he was told of this
great distress
and the failures of everyone else

but he insisted that he would break through
that he could overcome

that he would rescue the fair maiden
and so he went

into the limbs the vines
the thorns the trees
entaggling entrappings

and like all the rest
he too was caught in this spider web

and died

while the Sleeping Beauty

her long


restful journey