Religious Bizarre

“Old Testament!”

“Get your Old Testament!”

“Just because its old
doesn’t mean its not good!”

“New Testament!

“Compliments and/or replaces
any other scripture!”


“You try it, you buy it!”


“More Gods,
same low price!”


“50% satisfaction guaranteed!”

“Buddhist Mantras!”

“Brevity is the key to good writing!”

“Zen Koans!”

“Who knows what it means
but it sounds good!”

“Scroll of Esther!”

“She’s a real page-turner!”

“Gnostic texts!”

“I haven’t read it either!”


“If its good enough for Madonna,
its good enough for you!”

“Tibetan Prayer Flags!”

“Why read at all?
Just hang in your front door
and people will think you’re spiritual!”

“Jewish gasoline!”

“We put the Oy
in Oil!”

“Hey… wait a minute!”