Enlightenment Guy – P.2

“Hey Steve,
man… what’s going on?”

“What is…
at all?”

Anyway, listen Steve,
I’m going to this Concert
tonight… do you want to come?”

“I hear the celestial music
of the spheres.”

“Umm… that’s great.
Listen, so… do you want to come
with us, we’re uhh… taking Jimmy’s car.”

“The quickest path between
two points
is a straight line.”

“Yes… that is true, Steve.
Umm… I know that.
Thank you.”

“Sincerity is the greatest form
of appreciation.”

“Yea, OK Steve.
Look, I really don’t want to do
this today, OK?
Do you want to come to the concert?”

“If it is meant to be,
it will come to you.”

“Yea, well… I don’t think the concert
is coming to your house if
that’s what you mean.”

“Sitting still, I move
with great speed.”

“OK, I’m just going to assume
then that uhh… that you don’t want to go.”

“The man who is quick to jump
to conclusions often
falls into dark holes.”

“OK, y’know what? Steve?
We’ve talked about this OK
“The man who jumps to conclusions…”
Who me? You’re talking about me?
Why don’t you just say what
you really think, huh?”

“Words cannot capture
the infinite truth of the Cosmos.”

“Yea, well… Steve
that may be true but uhh…
they uhh… are useful
in everyday life.”

“The world around us
is not the true world of being.”

“Y’know what, I’m sure you’re right.
It’s all an illusion. But nonetheless,
I’m going to the Concert tonight,
Jimmy’s going to the concert tonight,
Stacy’s going, and uhh… Becky may
be coming in whatever world
of projection, imagination,
confusion, illusion, delusion,
profusion that we live in.
So you can stay at home
fondling your Zen meditation balls…
or you can come and hang
out with us.”

“We are always together,
connected like the cathexis
joining a mushroom.”

“Yes… that is true…
we are connected, but
if you stay at home
though connected,
I’m still going to be at the Concert.”

“God is Dead.”

Come on Steve, that’s not even
contextually relevant.”

“All that is solid
melts into air.”

“OK, y’know what,
the philosophical non-sense
is bad enough…
but this… this is too much.
I can’t deal with this crap.
Goodbye Steve.”

“I wish you the best
in this life or
your next incarnation!”

“OK, Steve.
You should get some help…”